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Friday, September 07, 2007

Yesterday.. yesterday... yesterday.

I'd really rather not talk about it. I just wanna say I'm sorry.

I know no matter what I say or do now, its no use.. even so I keep telling myself not to give up. But I'm finding myself a pest and a despo now la. If I think of myself like that already, what will (?) think?

Why do girls get more hurt than guys? Guys seem to take everything so easily.

I wonder if what guys say are true. Do they actually mean it or are they just lies?


Went with Quin, Audrey, Cheeteng, Audrey's cousin and her friend to Escape Theme Park yesterday. Can't believe 3 of the rides were closed for maintanence.

One of them being Rainbow. Wth. Its been closed ever since like, forever. Ever since I came here a year ago.

I woke up at 6.30am today. For some unknown reason I just woke up.

Then I couldn't sleep again. Wth okay. I'm not meant to be like that. Once I wake up I just can't stop thinking. Okay wtf is wrong with me?!

Then my bro woke me up cos Bernice called.. I'm supposed to go watch with her No Reservations today. Sigh.

But I have no mood for anything le la. Thanks to yesterday. I can't believe just like that I ruined my chance.

Omgwthwtf. I'm really upset now.

I REALLY wanna go to the beach and scream la. Dreyyyyyy, lets go together since you said you wanted to go there too. But oh, you're sailing today anyways. Lucky you. You always were luckier than me anyway.

Ahhhhhh I wanna cry le la. Omg. My eyes are already puffy enough damnnit. ) :

If Quin's not going to watch the movie Imma call Bernice and tell her I don't wanna go.

Going to watch a movie when I've got no mood too would just make me waste my money. Sorry Bernice..

I just, don't have the mood for anything now.

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