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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

hello world. and gwen.

Ohoh! Tomorrow is Quinneh's birthday :D

I SHALL STAY UP. If she decides to have that virtual celebration ^^

Happy be-earlied birthday woman! :] My Super Sweet Sixteen THE MOVIE is awesome.

"Totally aweeeesome dude!" o.o

Ally and AJ acted in it! And this woman who looks super familiar but I can't place where I've seen her on my corner of the TV. Heh. She was the party planner for Sarah, played by AJ. They made it look like an ACTUAL Sweet Sixteen episode. They didn't touch up the video to make it look all movie-likish. It just looked like reality TV :]

My bro left for his friend's house early in the morning. Okay, before 10.30am cos I woke up at 10.30 and he already left. So there's like no one to bug me all day! Till he gets home, that is.

I need to go get Quinneh's birthday present. Bahhhh. Maybe tomorrow when I watch


with my parents and bro tomorrow. Tho I'd really rather watch it with Bernbern they all but bahhh. I better tell them la. D: I wanna go PCBunk again womans! :]

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