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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I haven't studied the whole day la!

Omg I feel guilty already. Its such a sin not to study when I've missed a day of school can. Ahhh heck. I better go chiong my Science chapters later and finish up my Math tuition work D:

I accidentally slept today, so end up when I woke up it was 6.30.

After dinner I took my medicines... 2 pills and some cough syrup. Wth, that's like a lot to me la. "Don't worry, its just a flu yeah." oh great. Have to take so much crap for just a flu.

Worse still, my headache's coming back again. Whywhywhyyyy? D:

I'm still broading over the literature test crap. And Ms Goh still hasn't given me my common test paper back yet! I wanna see whats the 'good answer' that she read out in class la. And oh, she said I'm SECOND in class. She was like, "Oh ya, Gwen, and you're like 1st or 2nd in class if I remember correctly. Your paper was quite well written."

I went back to my place literally screaming inside. Heh. Sooooo, I really wanna see my test paper. :D MS GOH PLEASE REMEMBER IT!

There's lit remedial tomorrow after school :D so excited. I must be a bit mad, cos while people frown at remedials, I'm grinning from ear to ear over it. But its only cos its LIT remedial.

I think I love lit cos its the only subject I got 2nd in class for, and the only subject I got an A1 for. The rest are like, Bs. D:

Okay, gotta buck up! :]

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