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Friday, September 07, 2007

Winners Dance Team

Aww man I love the Winners. I wanna learn the part to the song Slick Dogg - I Can Make You Dance.

One whole day never talk.. sigh. )))) : IMY.

I'm really still wondering la. I guess I'm really unlucky sometimes. Heh.

I totally didn't continue with my holiday assignments after finishing Chinese. I only did a bit on the powerpoint presentation for the Public Speaking Course for English.

And I've got no idea where to start from.

>DAOYING- please tell me whats on our script. I don't have it with me cos someone took my Public Speaking book (and my Chinese textbook... D:). So yeah. Hurry tell me so I have something else to do besides teenage fashion trends. 4 slides la wth.

I'm really sleepy now.

Practiced like shitloads today.. like, dance away the sadness and stuff? Hurhur.

Then I tied my hair in two ponytails (not those that tie high high one la) cos I was sweating like shit, and when my maid saw she was like "wah you tie liddat.. quite pretty leh!" then she and my mom kept looking at me during dinnertime. :/ ohkay..

My days are getting more and more boring. A 'lil lonely perhaps.

I miss you.

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