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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Rawr. I'm getting this really bored, and you know the rules. When I get bored I come here and rant.

Reading old posts of other people's blogs can be, uhh, FUN! Hahah :D

Just played AuditionSEA again just now. Beat Up all the way. I love the song Hands Up!!! now man. Its like damn fun to play la, and I managed to get about 40+ misses the least I think, which is pretty good.

-DoNoVaN- and hide were playing in the same room as me in Free 1 la! D: pro-kias! Hahah. This is like my 3rd/2nd time playing with Donovan and its like, near impossible to even get close to winning him xD BEATUP PROOO!

wo bu xiang shuo hua le..

I wanna do Math, but I'm not in the mood for it. Bleahhhh! Infact, I'm not in the mood for ANYYYYETHANGG.

Tried popping to BoA's song Girls On Top for like a few seconds. Its hard cuz I've watched the MV for this song so many times then its like I'd rather follow their dance steps than freestyle to the song.


Rawrrrrr. Life's so boring during EXAM WEEK.

14th and 15th October should hurry and come man. Dance and sailing! Wheeee. I think I'm going mad.

AND! my sec2 tehbing and cheese fries gang ALL wanna go for the council overseas trip thing at Malaysia D:

I DON'T KNOW IF I SHOULD GO. I think its on 27th-30th izzit? Then my dad's birthday is on 30th. I missed my mom's birthday cuz of sailing camp already, can't miss my dad's for council camp stuffs either.

But Derick, Sally, Lianyi, Welly, and Maruay all wanna go and its depressing if you're the only one gonna miss out on all the run when they'd just come back to TELL YOU THE STORY. And its like bonding session if I go yo.

But I don't feel like going and I wanna celebrate dad's birthday with him. I'm afraid we'd come back too late la. I think so far this year only my bro's birthday is my whole family of 4 celebrate with him la. My birthday.. dad, mom and Gerald all went GENTING without me, mom's birthday I was at sailing camp. So yeah.

Not fair la hor. LOL. Only my birthday was spent alone with my girlfriends LOL :]

Thanks babes! :D

OH YA. Derick's my GIRLFRIEND. Hahah. When walking down the corridor of our classes I was like telling Yokeching "I love you babe!", then Syafiqah went "D: what about meeee Gwenno!" (she and some of the 1E'06 girls named me Gwenno :]) so I was like "You're my uhh, loverthe2nd? :D" then "Sally you're my lovaaa!" then Derick was the only guy there, actually, HE ALWAYS IS LOR. :D

So I went "And Derick, YOU'RE MY GIRLFRIEND! :D" and Sally reminded me of the Ms Chia incident of "MS CHIA WHY YOU NO GIRLFRIEND" in the canteen =.=''' then Derick was like, "oh, oh! Gwen you're my boyfriend." then I was like "O.O I'M NOT A GUYYYYY! I hang out with GIRLS!!!"

Now, I shall SELF-MOTIVATE myself to go and do MATHHHH. I really wanna finish up Tutorials 3 and 4 damn badly, and do up Mr Phua's worksheet on Variation and the 3 tough questions on variation he gave! :D


Ciaooooooos and much loves and xoxo!

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