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Sunday, September 09, 2007


Tomorrow I don't wanna go to school.

I really don't.. have to face 2 people there during study session for sailing. And then, I'll die.


Someone save me. I really don't know what to do now. Rarghhhhh.


Today I almost died during dance. Maqrius took a gun and shot me D: haha joking. We kept practising krumping and kept doing exercises on krumping.. and cos I put in a lot of effort I got tired out super easily. Haha.

I should try doing half an hour of krumping like what Maqrius says he does with his dancing friends :D hahaha.

After dance went to get something to eat and drink with Pam while her sis and mom went to Pharmacy. Then we walked around and went for dinner at Paragon. At this Indonesian restaurant. The food wasn't exactly nice... D:

We're having a one month break from dance, and after that we'll have to come for the next dance session WITH A GUY partner for COUPLE DANCE wth. Maqrius won't lemme bring a zha bor kia dressed as a ta bor kia la! D: hahah. Then he wants us to come dressed in hiphop fashion. Like, really hiphop.

I knew I should have gotten that cap and jacket today la! Then can wear it to dance. Lol.

I want that baggy pants that Hyoyeon and Minyoung had like years ago la :D hahaha. I like it a lot la. In the Little Winners vid on Youtube they were wearing it haha.

High School Musical 2 wasn't exactly.. up to standard I guess. Expected it to be nicer. D: haha. Maybe cos I came home late and didn't watch from the start.

I still can't believe a nude picture of Vanessa Anne Hudgens is going around the internet. In High School Musical 3 she's not gonna be acting as Gabriella anymore D: HSM will never be the same again! ) :

I love you.

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