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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Hello girl.

Now she's loosing it,
He don't care.

g. チャッチャッ, Wakeboarding is the LOVE says:
why everyone keep asking me this.
-►►It_HASBecome_A_Part_ofmy_life™® [あなたを愛してるYOU&MFSS'SAILING!] says:
cz seriously i dun c much good stuff
g. チャッチャッ, Wakeboarding is the LOVE says:
like as if there's nothing good about. =.='''
g. チャッチャッ, Wakeboarding is the LOVE says:
-►►It_HASBecome_A_Part_ofmy_life™® [あなたを愛してるYOU&MFSS'SAILING!] says:

David jinxjinxjinx! :] 2 times already haha.

Like, finally.

Went for cip late today cuz I wasn't feeling well. Gastric, again! How can liddat la. I ate already. I keep having gastric in school these few days. I feel like I'm in pri school/kindergarden again, always getting gastric.

Hahaha I remember when I almost got admitted into hospital in K1 cuz of gastric, and when my dad carried me from the hospital (I slept there till 1am plus or something to see if I need to be warded after I wake up, that is, if I still had the pain) to his car, I vomited on his shirt cuz of the medicine I think xD its all still so clear in my mind :D

Cuz I went for cip late I had to stay and help uncle Eugene with all the computer stuff. He was making a poster for Waterways Watch Society, so I helped him take photos from the pier. Its super hot can!! My feet were literally burning.

Waited for Wenfeng and Jack to come back from bike patrol and we went home. Or, me, at least. They went to AMK KFC to eat.

Wahhhh! Super excited. I still dunno whether to get red+dark red+black or orange+grey.

Actually wanted to go and see it after cip today with mom, but then my dad said next week then go buy la, cuz later mom's going to my aunt's place to make kuei (you know.. those chinese kueikuei? ahh if got pics I show) at around 2pm after sending Gerald to Thomson CC for badminton.

So, next week! Or, after exams. I bugged dad to bring me next week. He was like "next week? I thought you just said what, exams next week. Need Crumpler for what? Also won't go out la hor." then I was like "nooooo! Can bring to school! :D" he was like "Bring to school?! Aiyoh! Bring for what.. dirty it only." or something liddat.

I'll love my Crumpler bag too much to dirty it la! It'd be like my baby sia. Except my baby's my boat 12. *coughs*

Sorry boat, you've got competition. But when it comes to sailing you'll be my baby, and after sailing, my Crumpler will be my baby. :D hahaha. So lame =.-''' No la I'd always love my boat. ^^

A girl's gotta learn to grow up and let go. Let go now, girl, let go-
- For now.

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