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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Sucky MATH is demoralising

Argh, my dear Quinneh's down with fever since yesterday. D: heard from Sera when she walked past my class that its like 39.2 or something. Wth can. Still come to school! Quin you siao ah?

Anyway. I tried doing some work today. From 9.10+ to now. Which is like, 20mins. And I gave up. Cuz its Math. SOLVING QUADRATIC EQUASIONS BY FACTORISATION. Okay so Tutorial 2's not on expansion and factorisation anymore D: just as I was starting to like Math cuz I found expansion and factorisation extremely interesting ) :

Later going back to doing my Math okay. Don't say I'm slacking.

I cried again just now when I went to youtube and watched the MV for When You're Gone by Avril Lavigne. Omg la the scene with the old man.. reminds me of my grandpa ) : except for my grandpa passed away a few months after my grann did cuz he missed her too much.

OMG I wanna cry again ahhhhh.

Its like in the MV, 2 of the 3 scenes can relate to me very well. Okay maybe not relate, but you get the idea. I miss you.

I'm stuck in Math now. I think I'm gonna kill myself. I feel like shit now. Its like, totally demoralising when you're happy about improving in something, and then your confidence just crumbles down when you find out that you're actually still not so good at it.

Tomorrow shall ask Yuxuan how to do A LOT of Tutorial 2's questions. Sigh.

Lessons today were boring. For the Thinking Skills thing, Mrs Toh didn't come to class today. And she's not absent. o.o so its like my class had one free period, seated in 3 rows. =.='''

After school had Math remedial. Super rush cuz I didn't understand a few questions Mr Leong gave us, and ended up I was like the last to finish up my work. ) : sigh. Supposed to go home with Carine and Cass, but we met Guijun, Xiaomei and Priscilla at the bus stop so we went to Macs together. :]

Xiaomei kinda told me something at the bus stop la. And I was like "Errr.. okay.." cuz I can't say I'm exactly happy to hear what she told me. But yeah. Then we went to Hub together to help Pris find a card for her friend's birthday.

Pris keeps saying that sailing boys are very "man" (then she'll flex her arm. o.0). Hahah. Saw lots of bags with them la! :D Nice, but even if I buy it I won't use it, I'm not so much of a guniang yet la.

On my way home I SAW CELINE XIE XIU JUN. She was going home from school la, cuz she was still in the AMKSS uniform. Aww man I'm still jealous that I didn't make it to AMKSS but its o-kay! I've got great people in MFSS too :D

Its like, in 2 years ever since we got into seperate secondary schools, we've never met after school in our school u's, except in tuition. Thats when I expect to see her la. Then when I least expect it, I see someone with the familiar ponytail walking and drinking Milo. LOL. Then I was like "Celine...? CELINE...!" lol. Blur sotong took a while to see me =.='''

Talked loads of crap, she mentioned to me about the Superbrian thing show that Yuxuan crapped about yesterday with Qihua, and she rushed home.

I'm feeling guilty. I need to catch up on so much. Sigh. My Math is literally hopeless, hard to get the targeted B3 I've been looking for.

And its now said that 3J next year will not be a class as good as 3I? o.o

OMG. My mom just came back with my bro and dad from Central cuz they went there to buy school shoes for Gerald, AND HIS SHOES ARE SIZE 7SEVEN. I tried it on and I could actually just nicely fit into it la wth!

What is the thing with boys that they'd be tall, skinny, and have big feet? Okay not that I wanna have big feet but I wanna be tall. Hahahah. Then the 1E'06 guys have no reason to tease me :D

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