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Friday, September 28, 2007

Hello MATHHH! :]

Yay I love Math! I think. Maybe only algebra. Hahah all Mr Leong's fault! xD


During Science Donald and some two other guys came to my class to find some people, then when they first knocked the door, Mrs Supra ignored them. Then they knocked again, same. And knocked AGAIN, then Mrs Supra finally asked them what they want. As in, she said "What do you want? Can you come back later and not interrupt my lesson?"

I think they explained from outside why they come our class then she told them "Who's involved? Aiyah come back later la!" and totally ignored them again. Wth? Me and Joey were like "Can just let them in right?" Joey was telling me "Ya la, she don't want them interrupt HER lesson but she wants them to interrupt OTHER TEACHER'S lessons la. Selfish sia."

And I don't get ANY BIT of Science. She's just confusing us more and more.

She taught us yesterday that AIDs is caused by HIV. HIV is the virus, AIDs is the ILLNESS. Wth? Then when we asked she said AIDs is the disease.

When we don't understand a thing, she tells us "Aiyah we'll just move on to the next page la okay?! We only have 2 periods and I need to cover everything in this paper okay?!" and we're all "wtf how can you move on when more than HALF THE CLASS doesn't understand a shit you're teaching?" its like telling us to memorise without understanding. NO WONDER I failed.

And when we tell her we don't understand she'll just tell us that we have to move on to the next chapter, without explaining anything. The 2A Science teacher (Mrs Ng right?) is sososososooo much better/nicer can.

Self-study during English again. Damn nice la, I prefer if now in school we just study what we need to during the period, like Geog, we self-study geog and get Mrs David to explain if we don't understand.


Its like the guys were like "Ei Mr Lam! Stop at the licking part man I wanna watch the licking part!!" then Mr Lam said "If you wanna watch the licking part I'll let you see better ones than that okay."

Like omg, can't believe Mr Lam know how to like, ding3 what my class says la. Hahah.

Then had council stuffs after school at 1.45pm. Walked to Yokeching's class from music room to wait for her, Derick and Syafiqah.

Supposed to eat and study in school but Darren wanted to go coffee shop and apparently he already went there first thing after school to get a place.

So bo pian, went there eat. Talked super loads of shit la! Hahah. Its like, we're part of the sec2 councilor clique, plus Cher Yee. LOL. Then went back to school and helped Derick with his speech.

The listening of speeches were okay la. Some speeches were pretty, AHEM. Very "truthful". One even made me laugh, cuz -blahblah- made it sound so true, and we were all disliking her for bias-ness this year. Yokeching wrote on my book "say until like that. -blahblah-'s ruining OUR lives. (instead of making it better)"

Chikheng damn straightforward with some of them lol.

After they voted for the new next year sec2 level head, Ms Sim almost wanted to go on for the next year sec3 level head! I was like "omg. *shivers*". The sec2s are telling me I can be level head and I'm capable. But when I ask myself that, how much of that do I think is true?

Maybe to them la, but I know I'm not capable.

I'm already scared that if I be level head I'll have lots of stuff to attend, and I don't have those kinda responsibility. Maybe cuz this year the things I were involved in, I always managed to nicely fall sick on the day itself and Ms Lim was of course not happy la. My studies are like dunno what and I have grooming problems.

But the sec2s are telling me I should go for it. Hey, I almost wanted to quit council okay. Cuz of certain seniors that are super biased, and cuz I'm afraid next year I can't juggle. Which I'm trying to this year but you see any improvement? And I'd rather be CCA Leader or something, or nothing at all.

After that, stayed back to help pack up the place and went to coffee shop again.

I love my tehbing and cheese fries gang :] Lianyi, Sally, Derick, Welly, Mauruay and Cheryee! Hahah. But Sally la, drink ORANGE JUICE. Extra xD

Made loads of noise at the coffee shop cuz while eating there we were all chatting and gossiping lalala, and laughing hell loads. Sat there for about 2 hrs, and Gengtao and Daron joined us. Then we laughed like hell talking about stuffs.

At the bus stop while waiting for 165 we were talking about random stuffs and Welly told us how at the start of the year since Lianyi didn't know what erection was, she tried finding out. Then the guys refused to tell her so once when Mauruay wanted to borrow calculator she went "No erection, no calculator!" and we laughed like hell, even Lianyi herself xD

When I got home it was about 6.30. Didn't know I had tuition today la! Celine told me, and I chionged out of the house at about 7.10. Already late. Haha. Saw my dad and mom downstairs at the lift so my dad sent me there.

Apparently Celine was sitting with the -lalala- again. -lalala- purposely moved to the back row at the right corner of the class cuz she knows every lesson me and Celine sit there.

GAH. I hate, okay not hate, dislike her. She's so bloody childish and annoying. She thinks she's the queen, always ordering us around. No wonder Kelly got mad at her last year during tuition, and no wonder in tuition no one likes her and she makes it seem as if she hates everyone but its the total opposite.

Then during tuition when Celine went to the toilet and left her bag on the chair, ------ was playing with her correction tape paper thing after it finished, and was like, flinging it onto Celine's bag.

I looked at her for a damn long time until she finally realised I was actually staring at her. Then when she looked at me, I diao-ed her. First time I purposely diao someone for them to see. Its like I can't stand her anymore! Keep sticking to me and Celine when we don't want her around us cuz she makes us follow her, help her with this and that, yadayada!!!

She was stupid enough to ask me "Gwen, why you diao me?" with the act-innocent tone. I looked at her, smiled in this sarcastic way, and rolled my eyes again and paid attention to what Mr Phua was saying.

When Celine came back she still ask Celine why I diao her. Then when I told Celine I diao her cuz she was so childish and annoying, Celine was like "ohh ;) no wonder she asked me that la. I was like huh..?"

Dunno how Celine can tolerate her annoying behaviour.

Shall try finishing up Tutorial 3 and 4 for Math now, and Mr Phua's Variations worksheet. Gahhh, still can't really understand quite a bit of it D:

Ciaoooooos lovelys.

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