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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

fat hope.

Ah, for one day, people actually told me I seemed so happy and cheerful and that I'm actually smiling without frowning.

Like Carine, she suddenly turned around and went "Gwen! You seem more cheerful today leh.." I was like "huh. You mean I'm usually not cheerful?" then she told me "oh no la, Monday you were like gonna cry the whole day, you were like *she demonstrates sad face* the whole day you know. Good, now you're smiling."

I could go "haha" in my blog posts more than 3times.

But it seems I'm gna go back to my emo stage again.

You lift me up, only to throw me harder on the ground. Heh.

Thanks for that one day of happiness and hopeful-ness.

Winteng's so right.
Ooooh baby, Imma make you regret.

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