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Saturday, September 01, 2007



The card we chionged early in the morning (like, I reached school at 6.30AM just for this card).

Happy teachers' day Mrs Supra!

Somewhat 2Integrity madness. They were having fun with Afiqah's "boobs". =.=''

Happy Teachers' Day Mrs Thomas! :D


Hello Mr Low I still can't believe you called me Geraldine and Genevieve.

We spotted this on one of the dustbin covers in the staffroom


Unglam shot of Lin lao shi. And Celine just totally ruined the photo :]


He now damn shuai la. I can't believe I can't remember his name. We kept like looking at each other, as if trying to recall each other's names. But end up we couldn't D:

I remember the last time I spoke to him la. He was very nice to me, then one day during recess I cried as I was running down the staircase cos of something that happened in class. Then he asked me "wei! fa shen she me shi? wei shen me ni zai ku??!" (woi, what happened? Why are you crying??!) then I think I just ran past him without replying him cos I didn't wanna let him see me cry. I remember la. He was like *looks on* and he tried to chase after me for a while but I didn't care about him.

:S whoops.

Sounds like some classical story lol. But ya I think he graduated after that. ):

Both his elder sis and bro were helping our jiao lian train us in wushu. His sis was quite nice de lol.

After going back to ATS we decided to go to Icekimo! :D

Primary school hangouts never seem to change :]

The moment we stepped out of ATS and waited at the bus stop, its like a tiredness wave hit us. Suddenly Celine, Felicia, Shanai, Ethel and me felt super tired and we all had headaches. o.o and its the moment we stepped out of ATS la.

Weather too hot already..

Got to icekimo and everyone but Felicia were sharing triple scoops. Felicia piggy, you're the only one eating single scoop by yourself ;] I shared with Shanai.

The moment we got to the bus stop 52 came so Ethel, Feli, Yanwen and Jasmine left first. Left with me and Celine and Shanai. Then Celine took 165 I think. So left with me and Shanai. I could take loads of buses back la but I decided to take 162 with Shanai.

Then we waited for the freggin' bus for like 36mins la.

Got on the bus and both of us slept. Shanai woke me up when she was getting off then she smsed me throughout my bus ride.

When walking home I was super tired la. Haha. Got home, used the com and got ready to go for tuition D: 7pm to 9pm.

Wanted to buy food from Sumo House downstairs first before going upstairs but there were like, a lot of people inside so me and Celine dropped the idea.

When we saw that the receptionist wrote on the board in class "Mr Phua has teachers' day dinner. Do the exam paper and hang up to the receptionist. He will do another 2hr make up lesson thnx" something like that.

No kidding. It was "hang" up instead of "hand" up. LOL.

So we were like "walao! Waste our time.. shouldn't have came." then we just got our tables down and did our work. I kept smsing la, Celine did her work. JUNHAO CAME EARLIER THAN US! o.o shocking can. Haha.

Me and Celine were the last to leave la. LOL. We left at about 8.30pm, much earlier than 9pm. We WOULD have left at 9pm or later if Mr Phua did come. Haha. I refused to copy Joanne's worksheet la. Then I saw how much more work I had left and how many questions I didn't know how to do I copied some of her answers but when I went thru some I realised its wrong la.

She still tell Celine how to do the last question until like she so smart liddat.
End up also the last question she do ALL WRONG. Hurhur.

Please lor, I'm more of an angles person than you are.

Went arcade to meet Joanne and Meiyi and dunno who there. Meiyi and the other girl were just going home when I reached there.

Played a few rounds of drummania, as usual. Even tho there was a freaking lot of people there, I didn't have spectators today. Haha. Heng la. Everytime I know people are watching me play I'll start playing really badly ><

The cat! :D

Oh ya I saw a super cute kitten la. Damn nice to play with it :D SO CUTE CAN. It tried to unlock the glass door of a shop when the shop keeper locked it from the inside :D

I'm listening to the songs by Do As Infinity again.

Oh gawd, how long have I not listened to it already?

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