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Monday, September 10, 2007

I feel really hurt. How could my good friend just ask like that after he knew what's going on? Yeahyeah? SUCKS LA.

Life's fucked up. )))))))))))) :

And when I say that, you know something's seriously going wrong with my life. I'm returning to emo stage again I guess. Sigh. I wanna/should go bang a wall and just die.

Ooooh. Life would be so much better like that. YOU won't have me in your life to bug you about this anymore, you would be much happier.


When I was almost reaching school, I suddenly remembered I didn't bring my blouse and tie to school cos I had PE so I was in PE attire. Luckily my dad sent me, so we just went back. But he wasn't happy.

Meant to reach school at about 7AM. End up cos of that I reached school at 7.13AM? Yeah.

Didn't have assembly, everyone had to go straight to class instead. So when I got to school I was wondering why it was so quiet. I saw that particular group (with him) sitting at the canteen still. Should I go pass (?) over? When talking to Sally, saw them getting ready to go to class. Either I didn't realise they walked past me, or they used the other staircase that couldn't be used.

Did duty with Syafiqah since I was IC and the other girl doing with Syafiqah didn't come. So I helped out at back gate.

Tomorrow the sec1s are gonna join the seniors for morning duty and everything. D: would be quite excited if not for the fact my attachment was AMEERUL. Hahah. I was like, "*saw the list* OMG AMEERUL?!?!?!" I screamed la. The rest were like "Omg Gwennnnn! Shhhhh not so loud! o.o"

Was hoping for Bryan. We communicate easier. Hahah easier to do duty? :/

So tomorrow recess duty I'd better hunt for Ameerul in the canteen. Hard to find him okay! New morning duty list out tomorrow D: sigh. No more doing duty on Fridays with Welly for late comers I guess. Sigh. No more scissors paper stone! So I guess on a whole I won? Cos I won him 4 weeks straight, he won me 2 or 3 times :D

Class was boring. Mr Gan was replaced by Mr Peter Leong for our Math lessons. A much better teacher I guess.

I think I'm the weakest in class for Math. Mr Leong was like, telling us that he hopes the weakest in class would be able to do well for EOYs. Then before he left the class he told me to work hard, and practice. I would be able to do much better. So I think it means I'm the weakest la..

During lunch David asked me a very.... uhm. Curious question. He was like, "eh Gwen, can I ask you something? But its like quite gross la." then I tell him ask lor. Then he said "when girls have menses does it hurt?" I was like shock la, but still had to answer him.

Then cos I was the only girl at the table at lunch with the sec2s and some sec1 guys, the sec2 guys kept asking me questions... about menstrual cycle and shit. wth? Haha. :/

Mrs Supra shouldn't start teaching CHAPTER 6 so early la. Geez...

During study session the guys were playing monkey or something. Kept throwing this ball around the I&E Studio. Hurhur. Did finish my Chinese si han with a lot of difficulty for the paragraphs cos no reference to any newspaper article or such. Got a bit la, but it was of no help.

Got my new CCA card with Quin today. Haha. So we're both equal in the number of whatevers in our CCA card la :D haha.

Went to the bus stop with Edward.

Felt empty.. really empty.

Like someone/thing's missing.

And I know who/what.

I'm hating Mondays already. Sigh.

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