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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Crumpler <3

Hitting 572 posts! :]

I've been slacking. THE WHOLE DAY. Bloody hell, the computer can really keep me stuck to it, literally. I have no disipline la, can't control myself.

And now my hp batt is quite flat cuz I didn't charge it since 2 days back? So how to listen to music to it while doing work sia.

I still dunno what color should I get for my Crumpler bag. Orange&grey or Darkred, light(er) red&black? D: I think I've ruled out blue, I don't like their shades of blue.

OH MAN THEY'RE OUT OF THE DARKRED ONE. Damn. I was just concluding I should get that since it's not as outstanding as the orange one.

Okay so I guess I'm down with the orange one already ) : sad la.

I wanna go Australia and get my bag lor xD ahahha.

This one! :D I wanted thissssss! I only think the color's quite dull as compared to the bigger version of this I wanted. BUT NOW THIS IS OUT OF STOCK. How could they! I thought last time I checked they still had stock. Omg la D: suay la.

Prettaye orange and grey one I originally wanted :D

I wanted this one but the RED version of it. Apparently they show it as the icon on the web but they don't show it in the list D: awwmans!

I wanted this one too! Its Limited Edition okay :D super nice la, but out of stock D: left every other color but this one. D: wth! But the green one is not toooooo bad bah..

I thought the last one was prettaye, but out of stock. So I think I'm auto-down with the orange and grey one already. :] hahaha. I'm fated to stick to the original one I wanted haha. But Timothy's Crumpler is I think the first one bah, AND ITS LIKE, DAMN NICE LA THE RED. Timothy Neo I hate youuuu! D: LOL.

Feeling really sleepy already, and I'm in no mood to go back and meet Quinneh for Audi (I told her BRB and now its about 45mins later =.=''') and no mood to do Math. And I have tuition tomorrow. I think its the 2nd last session.

I'm really tempted to sms that girl now and tell her NOT to purposely sit at the back (cuz she's always earlier than us, so she will sit at the back when she comes and wait for us to come cuz me and Celine are always late) and wait for me and Celine.

Before I blow my top at her tomorrow. In the morning too.

Yep. That'd be a LOVELY sight.

Cuz she's so damn bloody irritating. And she really thinks she's the queen huh? Always ordering us around. Celine can't stand it whenever you mention that guy you like either can.

And me being close friends to Junhao is none of your business. Me and Celine and Junhao are primary school classmates and you've got no right to stick your nose in and tell me "quan shi jie de nan hai zi shi huai ren" or some shit along that line just cuz he bullies me during lesson-time.

And OH! There's no need to print out this exam score sheet, blanko away the name and register number, and show it off to me and Celine. I don't even think its yours to begin with ei?

See la, thinking of you spoils my mood.

So, whatever!


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