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Monday, September 03, 2007

1week holiday - DAY ONE

Woke up with a super bad sorethroat and cough. Now I've still got the cough but not so much of the sorethroat.

I feel like meeting Pam and Wilson to go to AMK library to study ): I'm somewhat getting really distracted at home cos of the laptop.

I'm addicted to the songs Valie and Cedric intro-ed to me. "Until The Day I Die" by Story Of The Year, and "Distance [M-Flo remix]" by Hikaru Utada. Its super nice. You gotta listen to it.

Haven't eaten lunch yet and I'm hungry and not hungry. I'm missing sailing training more D: can't wait for the wakeboarding thingo though. I think its gonna be fun, so long as I don't embarass myself infront of the sec3 guys cos the session I'm going for has majority of the sec3 guys.

My back and waist area hurts. Must be from dance yesterday. Hmpf.. I can't even move around without feeling the pain.

My mom thinks me playing o2jam is a replacement for Drummania since its the same concept. Fat hope, NOTHING can beat the feeling of playing drummania! :D

Ugh, happy boring 1 week holidays.

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