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Sunday, September 30, 2007

I'm like, spamming my blog la. 6-7 posts in a day xD

12.12AM! And I'm eating chocolate chips. Literally chocolate chips :] haha. Its actually for baking, but no one's using it and its okay to eat like that. Hurhur. Fattening, but ya I don't really care la, just go jogging with Melody soon bah I hope. LOL. And I think I'm close to having gastrics now cuz my stomach's been hurting since much earlier even tho I ate dinner ) :

Its like an oven in my room.

The fan is on till the max speed but I'm sweating a bit still. D: maybe cuz just now I tried a bit of the dance steps to Anonymous by Bobby Valentino from the vid I watched of Hyoyeon and Jaewon! :D loveeeee them!

So yeah. I think its cuz of my com. Everytime the com is on for the whole day, my room feels like an oven everytime I step inside D: LOL.

I really want the song Woman Friend by Chromeo and Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger by Daft Punk. Its the song like Kanye West's "Stronger", but its actually Kanye West who sorta copied their song.

I heard that he worked with Daft Punk on their song Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger. And he got the permission to use it to sorta redo the song in his way.

And apparently Kanye West's version is more popular than Daft Punk's; its literally all over MTV! NO FAIR CAN.

Its okay Daft Punk! I still like your version better! Take THAT, Kanye West! >:D

Hahah what crap la. xD

Tomorrow morning have tuition wheeeee. And I still didn't do my homework. Actually almost every week's tuition lesson I don't bother doing my homework de la :] heees!

I seem to be getting more and more interested in SOCCER :D hahah. My dad's been talking to me about Michael Owen's injury. Poor guy! D: hahah.

Its like now when I go home I will turn to Football Channel or ESPN, and watch the matches o.o haha omg weird la! xD but I think its quite interesting.

xiao mei mei, ni ying gai kuai zhang da le ba?

And boy, ILU o.o

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