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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

tired. of life maybe. perhaps. whatev.

Rargh. So tired now.. blah.

I have a feeling tomorrow I won't go to school. Cos I'm sick today. Heh.

But then, on the other hand, no one would care la. Don't go then don't go lor.

Already 1.13AM and I'm not asleep. My eyes are almost closing shut tho. Really tired.

I don't know how many times I cried today. When I got home Wanky smsed me saying today in school I had a ) : face the whole day. Go tuition Celine asked me to cheer up at least 3times. I've had at least 5 people asking me to cheer up throughout the whole day.

Come home, Rachel ask me why I'm sounding emo on my blog. Like, 4 people already asked me that? Hur.

I'm really tired of everything. Just before exams somemore.

Had really late dinner. At 11+? Almost didn't eat dinner even tho my stomach was starting to hurt. I really had no appetite. Had a long talk with my mom about stuff while she cooked for me Meegoreng. Been quite a while since I felt I could share everything with her.

She's right about whatever I talked to her about. Studies are important now for me and you, if I wanna go JC. If I really wanna take up design and stuff I could consider poly. But my ultimate aim has always been JC.

So maybe I should let us study first, talk later about this. Yup?

I just really wanna hug you and cry everything out.

Life sucks.
It STILL IS fucked up.

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