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Monday, September 24, 2007

Don't wanna go Taiwan, screwed up English compo- life's screwed.


She just told me that she's coming back to Singapore. I asked her for how long this time? Then she said "for ever. and ever. TILL I DIE" lol! So happy that she's finally coming back for good. Oct 1st! :] must note. But its like, exam week laaaa.

I think I screwed up my English and Chinese compo papers real badly.
Chinese.. I hardly wrote any proverbs or shit, my words were kept damn simple. I have hopes on my gong han tho :]

English... letter writing was okay. JUST THAT I FORGOT TO UNDERLINE THE FREGGIN REPORT TITLE! The teacher collect the paper already then I was like "omg Joey oh shit I forgot to underline the report title!" D: sadddddd! Rargh.

I just hope I didn't go out of point for my composition tho. If I lose marks cuz of my compo I'll cry man. I must get an A1 for English okay! ) : For the compo I wrote on Topic 3 - Describe the sights and sounds as people gather for a religious service at a place of worship.

Naturally I just wrote on one of the service sessions lor. Easy. I wrote on the one Yanwen brought me to, which was my first service at Y-Hope. Ah, memories :]

The topics for the compo were like.. really deep in meaning or something? Like,
  1. The Singapore I want
  2. Describe a time when you had to entertain someone you dislike
  3. Describe the sights and sounds as people gather for a religious service at a place of worship
  4. (I forgot the topic.. =.=''')
  5. Joy
Like, all damn deep la. Have to write a lot. I wanted to do on topic 1, 3 or 5. But then I was thinking I'd write a lot for topic 1, so I changed my mind. For number 5 I didn't know how to start, so I decided on topic 3.


I wrote 673 words la! D: advised to write between 250-350 words, but I wrote about 694 at first, then kept canceling and canceling 'till I got 673 words =.=''' almost thought of canceling one paragraph but then it was like.. all paragraphs were important, and when I was starting the next page I wasn't even halfway thru my compo when I realised that so far it seemed that I wrote a lot. So I checked and realised out of the about 5 paragraphs, 3 consisted of 100+ words D:

I'm really scared I went out of point. I can't go out of point! D: Cuz I hardly wrote on what people said, I wrote on what I saw and the sounds I hear when meeting the people and during service.

During recess Alicia saw someone she didn't like and she was like "I see a bitch." then I turned around, oh. Sigh. Cia you can't hate him forever yeah? ) :

After both the papers I ate lunch with Kerrie and Alicia at the canteen, and Sally and Derick joined us halfway. We were like, GOSSIPING ;] and when I asked Ms Chia why she no BOYFRIEND, it came out as "Ms Chia why you no GIRLFRIEND?" then I was like "oh shit opps! BOYYYYYfriend Ms Chia, BOYFRIEND!!! Ahhh say wrong!!! ><" and they were all laughing at me. Then when we finished eating Cia and Ker went to the AMK library (I think) to study. So I stayed back and slacked with Derick and Sally. When the wind blew I shivered. Sally and Derick was like "You siao ah. So warm sia then you keep complaining you're cold?!" I was sweating yet it was freggin cold everytime the wind blew. Even had goosebumps la! We were making quite a lot of noise I guess. Asked Sally to try Tutorial 1 and Derick laughed at her when she gave up xD Took 262 home with them. So yay! Now I know I can go home with 2 people I know. Hah! No more, uhh, quiet 262 rides home. =.=''' hahah. And my mom just told me that we're most probably going to Taiwan on the 13th-21st of December. And only my two lao-gims and Garian's family are going. So if I go it'd be like, I'm the oldest again, just like when we were at Genting. Wtf? Again?

I'm thinking of not going. Told mom already and she was like, kinda expecting that I would say that. Since I got no one to accompany me.

I've gotta check out when's the December regatta first. If its around then, then I guess I'd miss the Taiwan trip. I'd rather not go if I have to miss a regatta and if there's no one to accompany me thats around my age group.

I really wanna check out the 3 story tall Neoprint shop tho! :D

Okay I made up my mind. If my mom can't get anyone like Melody or what to go, I'M NOT GOING. I'm feeling really pissed off right now cuz its like, I've never took a plane to any other country other than Australia, and that was when I was SEVEN.

I've always been going down to Penang, Malaysia. For my hols. And finally I can go somewhere NOT MALAYSIA-ISH (not that I have something against that but I'm bored of always going to Penang, except when I see Tongtong and Xuanxuan :]), but HECK. Its got to be on DECEMBER, just before Christmas yadayada.

Everytime its like this, Genting, now Taiwan. And I don't want to be stuck with my aunt for practically my December holidays. Melody won't go if she goes too I guess.



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