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Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Okay. I think I've hit my limit. D: I've not studied for the whole day already! AH SO SLACK FOR WHAT AH GWEN? Okayokay Imma chiong my Math homework later, and then finish up chapter 2 and 3 for geog.

My dad should really stop quizzing me on geog. He makes me feel like a noob. I test him in lit then he know! :D

Speaking of lit.


How could they remove bio/lit in 3J? Great, now only 3A and 3E has got Lit. UGH. Whyyyyy. Today's sec2 streaming talk just ruined the whole day for me. Its like, me, Alicia and Kerrie all wanted to go 3J. Most prob cuz me and Kerrie want to take lit and Alicia I'm not sure.

Now 3J'08 will have only Physics and Chem pure, no Bio or Lit, SS Geog and dunno what, and Amath and other normal subjects.

I'm gonna kill myself. I think I'm going to go to 3E afterall. Oh well.

After the streaming talk Mr Ng said if got any questions can go and find them and ask. Then Kerrie, Alicia, Eileen, Jingling and me went to find Mr Ng and.. lets just say got a whole load of drama la. xD

We were like "Mr Ng! Why you remove Lit from Option D? So now only 3E and 3A got Lit? Aiyah 3J stressful also nevermind what. Got 8subjects also can what! How can like that!!! I'm heartbroken now okay. I dunno what option I wanna go to already! Nono WHYYYYYYYYY. Can't be like that. So you're saying if majority wants Lit it can be worked out? Huh so Option B only got combined Bio and Chem la? Eh then Option D is pure Phy and Chem?"

We were like, arguing our way la, each taking turn to ask a million questions. Mr Ng and Mr Wee must have been like, searching their brains to find for us an answer xD

Oh, recess duty was slack. Hahah. Ameerul kept wanting to know where A1 was, since that was my duty. So I toured him around level 1 and showed him which duty area was what. We slacked outside the Science Block and I was talking to Xueyi's juniors, then Nic came and we talked to Jiaen, then saw Cheeteng in the lab lol. The councilors making a lot of noise la

And I think I found out something. If its true then LOL. Haha Belle you sick woman!

Oh yeah, speaking of Belle,

Haha. Yep its Bellebelle's birthday LOLOL.

I love lit. Hahah.

And today that stupid asshole @$#%$^!@$!@ made a lot of noise during lit. He was super fregginly noisy can. Then I got so pissed off, I shouted at him, "STFU LA YOU." apparently he didn't hear it. He must have thought I was scolding someone else. Hahah SUCKER. Ms Goh kept telling him to keep quiet, and he's lucky she didn't scold him, cuz if I were her I would've, everytime when the bell rings and she's still explaining some stuff, he'd tell her "Hey Ms Goh? Its time for you to leave now. Byebyeeee!" in that DISGUSTING TONE of his.

Noisy bastard. Go to some other class la, I WANT TO STUDY MY LIT DE OKAY. Bastard. Shut the f*** up la. You've really hit MY limit. You make me wanna puke. Think you're so popular and funny huh? Popular and funny shit la.

Grr. Talking about him makes my blood boil.

My hair seems to be longer now D: wapiang. My ponytail this morning seemed to be thicker la. Depressed lol. And my shorter layed parts on top like get quite flat easily now.

Then in the morning I sweat like hell during morning duty cuz I had to run up to the hall, run down, up and down again etc. Damn tiring. Accompanied Yokeching up, then down, then go up find junior, then come down find, then Jiaen ask them go up so I brought them up, then have to come down again cuz Nic wasn't upstairs. BLAHHHH. Hahah.

Life of a councilor is hectic! :D And I think I've decided I shouldn't try for exco and maybe not level head even tho the rest want me to be level head since Lianyi can't be head next year (the sec2s of 07 are gonna vote for her as 2nd vice pres. anyways! :D)

LOL I'm like blogging backwards la. Started from the end of school to the morning in school. Funny! :D

And I spent about 2.5 hours transferring songs I wanted from David's external harddisc to my com lol. Now I've got 418 songs in my iTunes! :D Can't wait to hit my original number of about 700+? :]

I miss you I miss you I miss you. LOL.

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