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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Maqrius, I feel like killing you for making us get a guy to drag to dance class in 1mth+ time for COUPLE DANCE. Omg la. Can we like, just get one of our girlfriends to act like a boy?

Get some zhabor kia to pretend to be a guy also can what. Eeyer.

Haha nah joking. But I can't believe after the break we hafta drag a GUY to class. For couple dance. Zzz..

Math tuition seems to become more demoralising for me. I don't seem to understand a single shit taught in class. Mr Phua didn't allow us to use calculator for (half) an exam paper and I was so lost D:

Went AMKhub to get stuffs I've been really wanting to get since eons ago! :D

GOT THIS NICE 3QUARTER JEAN THINGOS with detachable suspender or whatever things. Its damn nice la. Didn't expect to get that cos I actually wanted this other 3quart jeans pants. But oh well, this seems just as nice :D

But I still didn't get that 77th Street heartshape necklace cos mom didn't allow me to, saying its not what I REALLY needed for now as its an accessory. D: bahhhh!

Oooh! I saw this Converse jacket from afar and it looked really nice and comfy. Like those ragged rough cloth material? Yeah. Its grey. Not sure if thats what it ACTUALLY looks like tho since I saw it from afar.

But if its what I think I saw Imma ask mom lemme buy :D I think she's actually considering getting me an Adidas jacket (!!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D) since the last time I got a jacket was when dad got me one from Genting when I was about pri 5/6? I didn't even chose it la. It was nice till this year. And its getting small ):

What I still need to get (that are actually within my means for now):
1. Slippers
2. Jacket
3. Necklace
4. Belt
5. Skinny jeans
6. Hairband
7. Nike waterbottle :]

AND MY CRUMPLER BAG. Dad's ACTUALLY pestering me to check the model and compare prices with the Crumpler bags sold in Australia. If its not too big a diff in price I can get my Crumpler from Singapore! :D

That's gonna be like, pretty soon.

As long as I can like, stop dragging how long I take to check the price diff.
CRUMPLER, YOU'RE MINE! Muahahahahahahaaaaa *evil laughter*

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