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Friday, September 07, 2007

Still no mood.

560 posts already; heh.

Finally done up with the worksheet part of my Chinese holiday homework. And I found what to write for the gu3 dong3 thingy.

My mind keeps swaying away from homework when I was doing my homework la. ) :

Anyways, anyone has a sec2 2B Chinese textbook that can lend me till the end of year? I really need it la. Of course that's if you don't need it already. I don't know who took it from the table in my class.

I need to go Popular later to get all the Chinese word handbooks and stuffs. Someone remind me to get the Chinse dictionary on Monday.. since mine was, uhh, smashed by my uhm. Bag.

I can't do Geog holiday assignment either cos I left my textbook under my table I think. My bag only has my Science textbook.

Now left with English and Geog holiday assignments.. and I need to finish up the powerpoint slides for our English Public Speaking crap. Ugh.. and my group members are like, all scattered.


Life's screwed up now.

VERY screwed up. I can even say its fucked up. ))))) :

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