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Monday, September 17, 2007

Gwen might make a blogskin again whee.

Ahaha! I finally hit 120016 Dens in AuditionSEA :D hahah.

Omg I still haven't studied. And I'm sleepy. Reaaaaally sleepy. Oh gawd.

I might be making a blogskin, for oneENDEAVOUR'06. Haha, so yeah, after almost a year of not skinning, I might be making one! :D I went to download loads of brushes just now. Ahh sian, cuz its like I totally forgot which sites I used to get my lovely brushes from. And one of the brush set I want is a brush set I can't find on Miss M or Pootato.org. D:


BLOGSKINS WAN SUI! Hahaha. Lameness.

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