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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Like, WHATEV.!

ARGH. My parents just pissed me off again.

So yeah, they totally forgot I was EVEN meant to go look at my Crumpler bag. Still make fun of everything somemore. Bloody helllllll. D: its like damn bloody irritating okay.

Told my mom when she smsed me that I'm SUPPOSEDLY meant to go get my Crumpler bag today? Then she was like oh. err, you hurry get ready and come the MRT meet me la.

I'm quite pissed cuz obviously she forgot about it, so I told her nvm, I'M STUDYING. Which is so not true. I was like "whatever nevermind la okay???" and just said bye and hung up. Then my dad called and told me to hurry up change and meet my mom, cuz they're going down to aunty Belinda's place at about 4-4.30pm.

Stupid. I looked at the clock and told him there's obviously not enough time.

"Its at ORCHARD okay. There's no time la go there what thing la."
then he was like "oh but there IS enough time what, we're going there at about 4.30 leh"
"oh? Really ah? -pauses- oh ya hor. Aiyah you go down with your mom to go see it tomorrow after your tuition la."

Wtf la. Even don't know the time before asking me. Whatever okay. WHATEVER. I'm bloody pissed off. ALWAYS LIKE THAT LOR.

When they came back he came into my room and was all "Wah you not happy izzit, we come back then you immediately go into your room." then he asked me "120dollars enough annot?" he even forgot the price even tho he bugged me to go check it and I already told him can. I was like "Whatever la. DON'T BUY LA OKAY?" then he said "No la I'm saying 120dollars budget enough annot."

"No. Its like 150-180bucks can." then he was like *pretends to faint* and pretends to wobble out of my room.

Then my mom was laughing then she asked what happen and he told her that 120dollars is not enough to buy my (he uses this snottish voice that made it sound like) "Crumplaaaar" bag.

They're gonna play mahjong again at aunty Belinda's place. Wth, they're like becoming gamblers or something can? ALWAYS playing mahjong. Good la, its like they have total disregard for me. Sundays they play badminton and Saturdays are usually the days we go for dinner together and stuffs.

And now even my Saturdays can't be spent with my family. How irony. HAHAHAHA.

Its okay, everything's about my sissy brother anyways.

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