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Saturday, September 08, 2007

I just read like half of my previous blog post and I couldn't stand my own typing already. Okay.

So I highly recommend that you people don't read it. So un-Gwen like la. Haha. I'm really bored now. Maybe thats why I had the sudden urge to type like that.

And yes Aaron, I'll stop emo-ing. Seriously, I was trying to catch some Zzzs after CIP, not emo-ing. At the MRT station I was just, well, quiet. NOT EMOING. I think. Sigh..

Oh, btw, photos from today.

3/5 of the ice cream gang!

Woman. You just HAD to realise I was taking a photo of you huh. Haha. Stop staring at me to make me laugh!

Yep. Pretty nice racket huh? I wanted to keep it la but my parents won't let me D:

Oh yeah. Here's a pic of the 'lil girl who could play Drummania quite well which I took after watching RatatouilleBe impressed all ya people out there.

Miss you like shitloads.

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