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Sunday, September 30, 2007


Aww man its so pretty. Its RED! Hah! :D

Yeah it was the one that I said was out of stock at the Crumpler shop itself, and there wasn't any of the red ones in 77th Street. But there was stock of the red one at GaragE!

Actually, GaragE has a quite a few of the Crumpler bags that aren't in stock in the Crumpler shop :]

When I went to the Crumpler shop and didn't see the bag I wanted, I remembered 77th Street had the design I wanted in shades of green and red.

So went with my mom and Celine down to Bugis, then realised the EDGE corner was closed already and me and my mom went back to Somerset cuz my mom remembered The Heeren had a 77th Street. Whoops. Sorry mom! D:

But when we got there the only ones they had were those I saw at the Crumpler shop D: depressed. My mom was asking if the other 77th Street branches had the red or green one, then she told us most probably not, then she told us that at the basement of The Heeren, theres this shop, not a Crumpler shop, but it sells loads of Crumpler bags. Must thank her for telling me! :]

So I went down with mom and checked. Its like, right downstairs, beside Village (that restaurant with weird ordering-of-food style). Its like no one was inside besides the shopkeepers la.
And then I see.. look...

OMG! THE RED ONE'S HERE! :D Then my mom asked me what about the bigger one of the red version I was looking at (yeah, the one the website DIDN'T show =.='''). Then the lady working there helped me take out all the newspaper crushed inside then when she opened the bag widddddeeeeee, I was like "Omg so big. Ehh. Heh heh.. o.o"
And its the same one as Cheeteng's. LOL Cheeteng you carry such a big bag to school for what o.o its really damn big la! But its pretty.... D:
Tried on both the bags and my mom concluded that I get the smaller one cuz the bigger one looked more for guys or those big-sized girls and it looked huge on me. So I got the smaller one. 163bucks. AHHH SO HAPPY CUZ ITS PRETTY.

I think mine's same as Timothy.. except his is green? I thought the green version of the bigger one was nice but my mom told me red was nicer.

My mom said next time see how, if I really find a good proper use (I told her if I bought it I would take it to school on sailing days) for the bigger one, then we can get it la.
But not now la since I just got my Crumpler :D

Apparently after getting the bag my mom told me "Its not that we don't want to get you the bag. You should know what, once your daddy promises you something, he'll get it."

Whoops. She knew I was doubtful of whether they would really keep their promise. Hurhur! xD
And there's this small matchstick box with the Crumpler logo on it! The matchsticks inside are like, about as tall as my fingernail can. Hahah! Then the box is blue and the head of the matchsticks are also blue. 1buck! :D

Wanted to buy but when the lady passed to me my Crumpler bag I totally forgot about it LOL :]

Ate SAKAE SUSHI! Since my mom had the 5bucks off coupon and it was the last day. Rargh, damn full la, even tho we ordered only one Sakae Premium Set thingy. I need to exercise le la :] haha.

Then my mom gave away her extra coupon to some random family sitting behind us o.o LOL. I asked her why not we use it then can get 10bucks off? then she told me if we used that one too, we'd have to spend 50bucks there. So uhh, okay.. =.='' lololol.
My mom was suddenly damn nice la. She even went to the Adidas shop at The Heeren with me to see the Adidas jacket. She was like "lets go in and see the jacket." then I told her no need. Then she still wanted to go in LOL.

I don't think I wanna use my Crumpler bag xD hahaha. ITS SO PRETTY I WANNA KEEP IT AT HOME FOREVER AND LET IT ROT! Buahahaha.

You know some MRTs have the Sony Ericsson ad? Haha me and Ceine took this when this 'phone' was pasted on the glass thing. Looks real ei? :D

MY LOVELAYE CRUMPLERRRRRR! :] lol xoxo. Oooh. It shineeees! o.o okay I'm going all retarded :] hurhur hahaha! :D

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