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Sunday, September 09, 2007

4.21AM. gwen's still awake..

Oh gross.

I just had an early-morning 'meal' and lets say its gross. Okay now I know, never eat Tako Pachi when its cold D: eeeeeew!!! Ughhh, bleh!


I think I don't need to sleep la. Haha. Like last time, stayed up till 7.20AM. Almost didn't wanna sleep. Then there was nothing for me to do on the com so I decided to turn it off and lie down on my bed.. and I slept. LOL.

I feel like watching football with my dad outside. He's like half dead la. Dunno today is what versus what. I feel like watching.

But now I'M half dead. I'm sleepy already. Gahhhh.

Been listening to My Chemical Romance's songs since earlier in the morning. If my dad actually managed to hear out the lyrics he'd think I was turning emo listening to their songs with all the "mama, we're all gonna die. mama we all go to hell" Whooo. Feels good to be emuuuu ;]

Just popped by Cheeteng's blog and realised his jersey's number is 8. EEYER. COPY ME! Hahah. You'd better say you like the number and that it rocks, cos its MYYY number! :D

My feelings have never changed.

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