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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Hello randomness.


I suddenly feel a whole lot like changing my blogskin.

Rah. I'm just too, uninspired to make another customized one for myself. But if I do, this current skin's going down to blogskinnnnnahhhh! :D

Btw, this is my 567th post. Finally. Just realised it.

Still not mugging my Math. Oh gosh Gwen why like that?

I'm feeling pretty out in school hahah. Feeling as if people only come and talk to me when needed, or when I'm with others I don't seem to have anything to say. Hoho. Such an unpleasant feeling. But I've been feeling it too long and gah. I wish I could scream.

Hello Gwen.
Bye Gwen.

Don't like my brother. *chants*

I'm starting on trying vector art again, but its hard. Like, just tracing shapes and filling in the skin colors of the models take me near an hour. If I try the clothes, etc, it'd take me the whole day.

Tired of trying to get the tone of the skin right. It's horrid. Shouldn't have clicked the link Justin Chuaaaatherandomlolness sent me to learn vectoring art LOL. Now I've got 2 projects, one about 1/4 done but its already taken me hours over days, and another is like, 1/100 done?

I want sailing to start soon. Like, reallayyyyye badly. D: I miss my b12 so much.
And I'm literally rotting at home.

Why is there this 10day break inbetween our exam periods. So not needed.
Why can't the exams just end now.

So many WHYs. But why?

Do you know what it feels like?

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