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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

hi, hi and hi again.

Peckkhee and Drey ♥

Sigh, might be meeting Audrey at Jubilee's arcade later with Cheeteng. Can't wait to go there and play Bishi Bashi with her la haha. Time for me to go crazy. :]

I was suddenly thinking of starting to plan for the 1Endeavour'06 class gathering. I really need help la xD Jiaqi and Jody you've already volunteered! :D

Holidays are suddenly feeling like shit. Nothing to do.

I'm not keen on watching Ratatouille with my parents later. Sigh. I don't like watching movies with them la.. its like ugh, not that I hate them la. But so far since pri5 I've only watched one movie with them. And I feel really weird.

I finally copied down the new timetable.

On Monday, Science is after PE. Wth. Not Math anymore. Haha I bet the rest are like "wth cannot slack after PE." yeah.

And Literature is after recess on Tuesdays! YESSSS. Ilovelit. lovelit. lovelit. Whoooo.

Shit. I'm going too hyper for my own good.

I feel like banging my head on my table. Its so tempting.. Or can go drink another can of drink and then try cutting my tongue again o.o

People get emu then slit wrist.
I get emu I, uhh, cut tongue.

Okay kidding. Yesterday's cut that bled like shit still hasn't healed yet and it hurts when I have to drink the stupid cough medicine la. It stings the wound. My cough's been getting worse ):

And chocolate just cut my gums. Yep.

Still have to work on Cedric's blogskin. Lol, dude you're younger than me by 8325y7983275months! :D okay actually 7 months.

I wanna go arcade. Spend my whole 20bucks there. Or even better, GO TO WHEELOCK PLACE AND GET MY CRUMPLER. I'm tired of using my Converse bag everytime D:

I sound like some spoilt brat. Gawddddd.

I'm still emu(emo)-ing. Heh.


You finally got what you worked hard for :D


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