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Sunday, September 23, 2007

No, disipline! ><

I've been trying to study MATH. But so far, from 6+ to now (7.46pm) I've only done like God knows how many questions. Damn little. I take so long for just a few algebra questions.

And there's English and Chinese paper 1 tomorrow. Nervous. Can't screw up my compos! If not Imma dieeee.

I can't study in my room la. Always get tempted to use the com cuz its on. But I turn it on for music only :X So I came here to type my posts for the oneENDEAVOUR'06 blog and Realityworks and I'm done with the computer work. And I'M NOT GONNA TOUCH THE COM AFTER THAT!

Oh, right. I still have Mrs David's Geog assignment to finish up on the computer. DANG IT.

Mr Phua taught us SETS (not seX you sickos) today during tuition and I got super confused. Is sets tested in EOYs? I'm not sure leh. Damn scared la, if they really test sets for EOYs I'm literally dooooomed.

At least after English and Chinese papers 1 and 2, there's a 10day thing inbetween till 5oct for revision.

Keep eating the Meiji strawberry jelly filled chocos while doing Math just now lol. Now like left half the tube. AHHHH I'm gonna grow fat already la! ><>:/

Except for when I'm gonna do Mrs David's assignment... :/

Spagetti!!! ;]

And oh, during Math tuition this morning, Mr Phua taught us ASTC.

All Science Teachers are Crazy. :D hahaha damn funny la. He was talking to Joanne and Andrew about their Science teachers, then he wrote ASTC on the board xD we were linking it to sets, then we were like "Whats ASTC ah Mr Phua?" then he said "All Science Teachers are Crazy. :D" =.=''' hahah.

And I got the song Rising Sun by DBSK! :D finally. Downloaded it from a website.

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