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Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Uhh. Went to watch Ratatouille with my mom, dad and bro.

It was.. okay la. Not really what I expected cos I thought it'd be funnier. :D but it was still quite good la. With all the funny scenes.

RUSH HOUR 3's STILL BETTER :D maybe cos you were there.

Went to play one round of Drummania at the arcade there. The pads are not as sensitive as the ones at Jub's arcade la D: kept missing cos I didnt hit properly and stuff.

My mom almost made us take Neoprints when we were leaving the arcade. I was like "oh no mommy oh no you dont" cos I find it weird. Its just weird. I didn't tell her that la. My dad was like "Aiyoh its already 10pm la and you haven't eaten. Go home la..." haha.

I find I'm linking everything to (?). I dont know why. I just seem to be.

I read some articles in the Dear Kelly section in Teenage. Woah, speak of coincidence much.. so alike. Seems just like me, what I feel, and whats happening. All too much alike.

I'm really tired out from all this. I don't know what I can do already.

I'm not looking forward to tomorrow. Suddenly. Maybe cos of (?), and cos I don't know how to tell Bernbern they all I don't wanna rewatch Ratatouille.

I know your mind is set. I'm still trying my best to turn this around. There's nothing else on my mind now but that, again, nothing matters more. (this stubborn girl refuses to let go. Nah-uh.)
Not talking to you just killed me.
You'd still and forever be my love.

Gwen. Stop being that selfish bitch you always knew you were. Make up your mind already.

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