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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Mooncake festival at ahpeh's house yesterday ;]

Went to ahpeh's house to celebrate the mooncake festival yesterday! :D

Before that went to Thomson CC to fetch Gerald from his badminton, but end up he played a bit longer today, so we waited for him. His coach Alex asked my mom if I was from Sports School la! Just cos my mom asked him where Sports School was -.- haha.

Then he found out I'm from sailing, so he was saying something like "sailing de ren chaotah de lei!" rarrrrgh! I'm NOT chaotah-ed can. Okay maybe yes a bit but not THAT right! >:(

Got to ahpeh's place, and saw JIAWEN! :D supersupersuper cute la she. She kept acting depressed when we were at the backgarden where the pool was. She'd like, happily run about then suddenly kneel down and slump on the floor, her arms on the floor, her face buried in her hands. LOL. Then I'd be like "Ei? Jiawennn why? What happened to you?" and I'd carry her up and suddenly she'd laugh and run about again o.o

Timothy and Johnathan came like quite a while after I did. And they were both wearing white shirts! And I was wearing my white Adidas jersey. So 3 of us were all wearing WHITE. LOL! :D

After eating ahpeh asked us to check out his finally-finished garden thingy area in the center, on level 2. Its like, all those foot reflexology pebbles things la. But damn nice :]

Timothy went inside and played with the fountain and he was like "I'M KING OF THIS GARDEN THINGY MAN! WHOO." (grow up, Timothy Neo, grow up.) and splash the water from the fountain at us. Wth! Lol. But this king couldn't take 3 steps on the pebbles without going "ow..owww, owww!" I ran out while he was splashing us with water, then he was like "Rarh Gwen I can't splash you cuz you're outside.. ah nvm! I'll pinch you then!"

Then he pinched my arm. WALAO DAMN PAIN SIA. It hurt for like dunno how long la. He said its a family thing, cuz I know Johnathan pinch people also damn pain.

After that he used my bro's Duel Masters (=.=''' omg lame) deck and challenged Garian to a round. It was Timothy's first time playing Duel Masters la, but then he played so many other card games before. First round he lost. 2nd round he was like "I don't care, I'm gonna trash you you noob!" and I think he won. Hahah.

Its like Duel Masters is a violent game sia, both of them play till stand up and argue and all. And Garian's half of Timothy's height so its funny xD

Melody and Amanda came quite late la.. after we all finished eating and all. And after Timothy's... uhh. Duel Masters match. =.='''

After waiting for Melody we went upstairs to the playroom. Then Timothy was already inside then the moment we went in he was like "Go outttt! I don't wanna see your face! xD" then me and Melody were like "What did you just say? Huh?! Timothy Neo!!!" hahah :]

And then both of them got violent with Jiawen's toy dustpan thingy. Its damn cute la, a miniature dustpan! Hahah. Tim took it and hit Melody's head and she was like "wth la you! *grabs dustpan* ITS LIKE DAMN PAIN CAN! The end is jian jian one lor!" and Timothy was all "Walao Melody you damn chorlor sia!"

If you can't see it cuz its too blur, Timothy has a toy broom in his mouth, right hand and a toy mop in his left hand.

Then both of them played with Jiawen's toy mop till the strings at the end came out =.=''' Timothy kept going damn loudly "Orhhor! Melody Neo what did you do with JIAWEN'S MOPPPP?" funny. Damn funny.

Then he asked me, "Melody got boyfriend annot ah Gwendolyn?" then I "no..." then he "Sure annot? Wah I pity the guy sia. Next time he'll have a damn rough wife, who hits people with brooms, pulls out heads of mops, goes around-" and Melody killed him :D

He went home damn early with Johnathan la cuz he had to mug for exams. See, ACS(I) and RI guys are like that la LOL.

After that Melody was playing with this toy with these blocks that has every letter of the alphabet in it, and she formed a word on it =.=''' then cuz the 6 year-olds were there and apparently someone left the door open and her mom was outside, I quickly flipped some of the images over to F Umbrella C Kite.

LOL. You do the spelling.

A lot of the kiddos got hungry so we went downstairs to the kitchen and Melody turned on the PLASMA TV and we were watching the show where celebrities try to find weird/improper things in the house. Nice la the show! :D haha. Then my bro was eating noodles, so me and Mel shared Tom Yam CUP noodles. But in ahpeh's house, even CUP NOODLES were cooked in the pan o.o

Was quite tired la, then we went back to the playroom and watched more youtube vids. And Melody copied what I did with the cardboard box when I was damn cold! Except hers was when she was damn tired. :D

I was downloading AuditionSEA. And there was like 5% left! About 5mins to finish. Then Amanda came upstairs and I knew the mahjong session ended le ) : hahaha. Wasted sia! D: Then Tricia was sleeping outside the room on the sofa. Cute right! LOL.

Crazy camwhoring cousins! :D

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