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Thursday, September 13, 2007


Hahahaha rofl lmao.

I actually studied. About 3 1/2 hours okay! Wah it was damn tiring, seemed to have sucked out all the life in me. D:

The moment I came home after MATH remedial, I bathed and immediately took my bag and books to the dining room and sat there. 4.22PM to about 8PM :]

Of course I slacked abit by going to the window and looking out, etc. after I studied for 1 1/2 hours straight. You can't blame a girl for getting all figety ei?

I can finally use the com without feeling super guilty of not studying for the day before slacking :D hah! I didn't use the com the whole day la. LOL its a miracle. ;] Even as I ate dinner I was studying and highlighting the geog textbook. And for geog I covered chapt 9 and 10!

5 more chapters to go. Go Gwen Go! G3. Lawl.

Ah, but I'm feeling mighty sleepy right now. I guess studying is really tedious for me. Haha.

School was uber boring. But then,

The sec3s had E-learning thing, so the whole sec3 level didn't come (and they're not coming tomorrow, and then theres Sat and Sun, then there's Monday which is a school holiday for our school. SO THEY'VE GOT 5DAYS STRAIGHT OF HOLIDAY OKAY).

And that means the council seniors didn't come too. So the sec2s were the oldest, unless you count the sec4s la.

So we were like, feeling quite big la. All of us okay. Haha. Like, got people under us, no one above. That feeling is great okay! Haha. Ms Sim gave out the nomination forms today too. We already planned - vote Stephanie to be Prez., Ameer to be vice Pres, and maybe Lianyi our LOVELY LEVEL HEAD to be the only (and maybe first) sec3 to be 2nd vice prez.! :D

Sally's telling me I should aim for OA or LA head. Or be level head. Ahhhh? Derick said me and Sally should fight for 2nd Vice Pres position, that way at least ONE next-year-sec3 will get the post. I was like "Derick, YOU SIAO AH. I then don't wanna be vice pres la. I'd rather vote you lor please."

Recess duty.. was supposed to do up my Geog homework and all since I was on patrol duty for level 1. Then there was like super a lot of people there when I went to do duty. Not councilors. There were councilors there too la. Then I asked why so many people. Then Syafiqah said "Aiyah we fasting la.. so we all stay here instead of canteen lor." I was like wth.. o.o

Then ended up chatting with Sally to discuss the voting stuffs for next year's Exco. I really don't think I'm up to standard to be in Exco. Hah, really. Honestly.

Math remedial was FUN.
I admit. I liked doing Math during that 1 hour.

Then when I got home, I immediately worked on my Math homework from remedial. Suddenly become hardworking lol ;] and I completed all the questions! :D except for two.. ahhh I hate ALGEBRA.

Went to Melody's house till 11PM+ to help her with her photoshop artwork. My dad came and fetched me back la! I told him I could walk back myself, since we're LIVING IN THE SAME BLOCK. But my mom says its dangerous. Uhh... =.=''

Maybe gonna have guitar session with Melody again :D must ask our propro cousins Timothy and Johnathan Neooooo to come also haha! ;]

And when I came home (which was just now..) I wanted to study la! Then I opened my Geog textbook and was like.. I WANNA USE THE COM LA!

And now I'm using it.

Gonna play o2jam with Melody now I guess.

Much loves,

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