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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

gwen is sickkkkk.

I really didn't go to school today! D:

Woke up feeling really terrible. When I talked my throat hurt like shit and I sounded like a frog the whole morning. Kept feeling dizzy and my head hurt. And I was coughing like shit ) :

So my mom let me rest at home. Heh. I feel guilty la ): exam's in 2 weeks time and I'm totally not prepared. I really dunno how I'm gonna cram all the tested subjects into my brain IN TWO WEEKS.

There was Math and Lit periods today! ARGH. I regret okay. I need to work on my lit more la if I'm really gonna get that 90marks I'm aiming for. And for Math.. uhh. Sorry Mr Leong. Weakest student in class for Math didn't come to school today yeah.

All the subjects I needed and liked, are like, all today! I regretregretregret not going to school. I don't mind going to school and suffering there la ):

Art, Lit, Chinese and Math. Need Chinese and Math, love Art and Lit. ESPECIALLY art and lit :D sigh. Luckily all these fall on Tuesdays. Cos there's also SAILING on Tuesdays! :D So I can be sure I'm never gonna miss school on Tuesdays :]

Went to the polyclinic at 11AM+. Waited damn long for everything that needed waiting for. The registration, doctor, medicine. Waste of my time. Ended up the consultation lasted around around 10mins? Maybe even lesser.

Then went to my gran's place to fetch my bro from there. Saw my aunt on the way there cos I think she just visited my gran. Ah ma's waist still hurts D: omg la. She doesn't wanna see the chinese doc cos she says wearing the support for waist thingy would work just fine. Wth? Seeing her like that I feel damn xin tong la. ) : sigh.

So now, I'm home. Slacking.

Damn, I really need to study le la.. I already feel guilty enough of not going to school and missing two of the subjects I'm doing worst for D:

Gonna go hopping around for a while more on the Net. Then Imma go finish up my Math tuition homework.



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