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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Lazy week. Mugging shiats.

I've been really lazy to post these few days.

Actually not only post, but even study or anything. And my computer's become boring for me, except the music. I've really got nothing to do on the comp already!

I really can't wait till exams are over, and training starts. But its like, once training starts, we'd be going "I can't wait till training ends!" then when training ends, the whole cycle begins again.

I can't believe councilors are down for duty during Open House! D: I wanna help out with the sailing peeps. There's like, enough councilors already la. For sec2s its still compulsory. Sigh. Derick wants to help with his cca and so do I. Cuz thats what I'd rather do.

Been getting feelings of wanting to quit council recently. Like, I'm really scared I won't be able to take on the pressure next year, with more workload etc. I'm like, already going crazy juggling council stuffs and sailing stuffs and studies this year. Next year I'll have a million and one more subjects to study if I go to 3I or 3E.

Yeah, no more 3J for me, and a lot of people I guess.

Went home with Jiahui and Derick today. Was eating lunch with Kerrie and Alicia when we saw Derick and told him to join us. LOL 2nd time already! So went back with him again lor. Kept teasing him about Seraphina, well, me and Jiaqi. And ended up Sera got pissed off. But you can always count on Gwen to make someone she loves like Sera laugh! :D

Came home, slacked. Its like, buay tahan. I've been like trying to do tutorial2 in school everytime we're given our own time to study la. Like today during English Mdm Suhailah let us study, and everyone was muggin' Geog while I mugged Math.

It takes me hell long to finish one tutorial la. Really worried if during EOYs I become like that. It'd be super fustrating. But I'm starting to like algebra, which is a bit of a wonder cuz I've been hating Math since pri school. :] hahah.

So, I'm gonna finish up the tutorials 2, 3 and 4, and then finish writing up my NYAA. Just realised that we have to write the bigger book also la omg. Totally forgot about it. And I need glue to stick my photo in the booklet la D:


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