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Saturday, September 15, 2007

I wanna cry already la.

Sigh. Why's it always so hard for me?

I'm spamming Dance Floor Anthem by Good Charlotte. Last time it was Keep Your Hands Off My Girl, then The River, then All Black.

Aye, Good Charlotte shall always rock. So shall FOB.

I'm turning emo.

Quin, gimme your carving tools. I'll pretend to be like you, talk to people while swinging the carving tool until you accidentally cut your arm there near your wrist. HAHA.

Went for dinner with my mom, Quin's mom and Quin. Went to NEW YORK. Finally. After so long.

I'm turning emo.

Omg la.

I don't wanna go wakeboarding tomorrow. Have to see someone I dislike and am trying to avoid. And if I fall face first into the water, Weiming's gonna laugh for half the day.

Why is it that when you used to ask me such stuff last time, I don't feel a thing (or at least I only wished I could throw a pillow at you cuz I was feeling that horrible feeling labeled jealousy). Yet now, when you ask me such stuff, I wanna rip your heart out, make you apologize and I'd wanna cry?

I wanna scream. Thanks to you.

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