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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

teenagers scare the living shit out of me.

Still coughing.

Bleah. I think I'm dying from cough. LOL. If that was even possible.

I think I'm getting really lame. Talking to Quin and I was going crazy. Haha. Maybe cos its her birthday in 3hrs (so she displays for the whole wide world to see on her msn nick) and I've decided to go crazy with her.

In 3hrs time, I shall come back, THEN wish her happy birthday with all my fanciful wishes everyone gets when it's their birthday. =.=''

I'm so stupid. Went to use the sharp part of the canned drink to cut my tongue this afternoon while watching Pop Inc, on purpose, not accidentally. I was thinking it cannot cut la. Then I was like why got some werid taste.. then I went to the mirror and saw a lot of blood coming out from the tip of my tongue. And now my gums bled a little. I think I accidentally scratched it or something..? o.0

Sian. This Sunday I don't have Math tuition. Okay thats good la. But Mr Phua made the make up session on Monday night. Wapiang, 7-9. I think I'll just go Mac to study till then :] okay thats crazaye.

VALIE. You got the song Distance -M-Flo Remix- stuck in my head. I'm starting to think Hikaru Utada's an awesome singer :D and its your fault Valie! LOL.

Been looking up on Takuya Kimura. That guy from Engine? I can still remember some shows he starred in which I liked to watch. I went to look for some of the shows he acted in to watch. Like Hero.


Bloody DEVIANTART. Work already damnnit! I haven't submitted a single work to Deviantart today la. Cos I don't know why but the uploading thingy won't work. And everyone else can submit. Wth.

I miss sailing D:

I wanna sail. Goddamnnit. I'm rotting at my house. Need to go out. THURSDAY HURRY UP AND COME LA SO I CAN GO OUT. I think I'll just rewatch Ratatouille on Thursday with Bernbern and Jody they all after watching it tomorrow with my mom. But damn waste money la.

I really shouldn't have told my dad that this week I don't have school so don't have to take allowance. He was like "Wah so good ah no school no need take allowance? Okay la, see you so good, give you 20 bucks la... poor thing."

D: really shouldn't have said that.I almost didn't wanna take my allowance even o.o

Anyway he's still gotta buy me my Crumpler bag :] they don't have the design I want in the red and black stripes! ): I was hoping to get that one but they only got that one in blue, same as Cheeteng. And I think the blue not as nice.

Should I consider asking Nadya jie to get it for me from Australia or should I just stick to getting my orange and grey one?

Okay I dunno. But the orange and grey one like, getting quite common. There's a green and dark green version of that in Aust that I find nice :D price diff is 4bucks, SGD. Here its cheaper la wth.


Thanks Huiting for teaching me how to do this :D

Blogskinners just rock. And I miss them a hell lot la D: considering going back to blogskins. But I hardly make skins now.. go back also useless with all the newbies there. It just sucks there already.

Anyway Ebi they all also not so active there. I'll log back on to put back my Hiatus sign ^^

Oh. When's the convention for blogskinners that profire88's holding? EBI. Tell me already. I have a feeling I missed it. But ah, who cares. Too lazy go Ngee Ann Poly to hear their convention.

XPG better hold another skinner's outing. BEN! TREAT US AGAIN TO B&J's! :D

&I love you and miss you <3
But I don't feel like I'm treasured much, when all I'm feeling is the feeling of lonliness and being pangseh-ed.

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