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Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Gonna link up two new links later - the oneENDEAVOUR'06ohsix! blog and Shirei's blog. Haha.

I'm finally using the desktop again. My study table suddenly feels empty without my laptop, and it seems harder to type now cos the keyboard is much harder.

And it pains me to see that all my photos, music, etc are gone. ): really pains me la.

But whats done is done. Hur..

So yeah, send me loadsa songs and stuffs please peoples! :D

Today, school was hell boring. VERY boring.

Morning duty was fun. Yesterday the new duty list for Environment just came out, and it turns out on Wednesdays I've got MG (main gate) duty with Sally and (ugh) Benjamin. And the juniors joined us today! So we briefed the juniors on what to do for Main Gate duty.

It was fun cos I got to be myself infront of the juniors. I literally went my crazy self and they laughed at me, but in the way that I'm funny. Not cos they're making fun of me I guess. But they're all like very shy... ahhhh cannot liddat!

I told Ms Sim my junior was Ameerul, and she was like "ehh he okay what. Quite cute what he! :D" I was like "*frowns* MS SIMMMM! You can't be joking. Ameerul is, uhh, NOT CUTE! Rahhhhhh!" and she was laughing away. LOL.

Need to catch up on Math, but the basics of Probability was so easy I could easily get the hang of it. Kinda like how I easily got the hang of doing SIMULATANEOUS EQUASIONS! :D ahhh loveitloveitloveit!

And it turns out we don't have Literature remedial today D: Ms Goh sorta canceled it. So there's remedial next week only I guess.

I've got MATH remedial tomorrow. Omg la. Every Wednesday and Thursday you know! How can liddat! But EOYs are nearing la, and oh well, can say we're in a rush to recover everything. Sigh..

Mr Leong already knows my name. Uhh..

For Thinking Skills period (which was, after recess) our class concluded that we're gonna be like, doing the Drinks Mixing thingyo station for Thinking Day. That sounds soooo BROWNIE-ish. Good times, good times.

And one of the sec3 class has gotta do it with our class lol. I was thinking the Giant Puzzle stationy thingy would have been much better but aiyah. Let Atiqah they all decide la. Hahah.

CME.. did a super boring survey thingy. Wth la, its like, keep on asking the same questions over and over. Just that they rephrase it. So whats the freggin' point la. They say its to "Get our sincere answer (or was it feedback?)." wth can.

Oh and during the first two periods was Science. Mrs Supra started on CHAPTER 7SEVEN.

Issues On Sex.

Buahahahahahaha! I can imagine the "added an extra ingredients to the concoction--Chemical X" you know that part of the Powerpuff Girls theme song? :D HAHAHAH OMG ROFL.

I can imagine it (using the same voice tone) as "and Mrs Supra started on chapter 7 - Issues On Sex". Omg hahaha rofl lmao lame la!

And of course, guys went horneh, asked stupid but funny questions. All the contraceptives shit la. Haha. Super lame can. Can't wait to finish up the chapter. The guys are getting hornehhhhh. Haha okay joking. But seriously la. Especially WU YUXUAN la xD sitting beside me somemore. HAIYOH!

I still haven't studied a single shit. And I'm not motivated to.

Someone motivate me to study can? D:

Sigh. I'm feeling mighty guilty about not studying. Oh well, maybe after grabbing something to eat I would.

Oh ya.

Like, finally!

Haha. Its now super thin, and its like Alicia's hairstyle, just without the spikes. I wish I had the spikes tho. Haha. But my hair grows super long, like a bush la.. haiyoh. So I must keep going to trim it I guess. But now my fringe is kinda out of my eye's way! :D happy! Haha.

Went to cut with Kerrie. It was kinda like a last min decision, since I've been wanting to cut my hair for so long le :D

While the uncle Ken was helping me wash my hair I covered my face the whole time and he kept teasing me about it D: he was like, "woi! ah shui de peng you ah? quai lai kan la, ta xi tou ye yao gai zhu lan lei! hao xiang mei lian jian ren yi yang. Hahaha!"


He cut damn nice la. Some of the sec2 Mayflowerian girls are like regulars there already I guess. But now he's not working with the hair saloon people, he just opened a shop across the block from his old workplace by himself! :D

So we're all gonna be regulars there. I know Alicia got her hair cut by him once. Mine was once cos at his old workplace my mom told the wrong guy to help me cut, then Yuenman dunno cut there how many times liao la. Kerrie twice too I think. Winteng once. Hahah! :D

We kept making a lot of noise and mess at his shop la. Haha. The rest kept using the hairdryer and his combs to blow their hair straight while he was cutting my hair. Then he cut my hair halfway will go and help Alicia blow her hair and give her tips on how to blow. I was like "woiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! How can you liddat!" hah. Then Kerrie ask him anyohow cut my hair till very ahlian so I could match her new bung hairstyle which she thinks looks damn boy now. But its not la!

Then went Yuenman's house to look at the jewellery her mom still has left over. Damn a lot la. Wanna buy, go tell Yuenman :D have all the earrings and necklaces. I bought from her a heartshaped one, the one I've always wanted to get. :D

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