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Saturday, September 29, 2007

I wonder if my mom remembers that today she's meant to bring me to go get my Crumpler bag xD I think she forgot liao la. Oh well!

I still can't decide what color to get anyways. So yeah if she forgets then its a good thing. I still think that one from Australia is nice can. Should get Nadya jie to buy back for me at the end of the year. LOL.

I hate my bro, still. Not talking to himmmmm! D: thats what he gets for provoking me. Buahahaha. He made a new Maple character this morning and I was like =.-'''

My Maple char's lvl 36 LOLOLOL finally. Actually I leveled up like last week. But then Maple got all boring again so I'm like hoho, sian. And my Audi's char is lvl 15 woot! :D I don't think I'll get to level 20+ tho.

Belle and Drey wanna start a guild in Audi! :D Belle only wants trashers, tho. Apparently its crazy, drey told me the license song for their guild is Can Can (150bpm song), mode is Dancebattle 4, score would be 600k and above. THATS CRAZY.

And she told me Belle's in charge to oversee the license for 8key modes, while she's incharge of overseeing the 4key license thingamajik. And she's telling me I can take charge of the Beat Up mode. And I'm like omg ehh I'm not THAT pro. Must see Ebi play can.

Now I feel like going down to PCBunk. Zzz.

I think I'm going to make myself another blogskin. But I still don't know what theme etc.

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