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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Math still sucks D:

Math lesson and remedial today was a bummer. D: for one, I didn't understand a thing taught in remedial, and during normal lesson Mr Leong was just going thru one of the answers for dunno which tutorial, and I was so tired from staying up till almost 1am to practice Math I kept nodding off to sleep, but I tried to keep my eyes open, but its hard okay! ) :

Got sent out of class during English with a whole bunch of other people, lol. Cuz its either we didn't do/bring the English Compre worksheet Mdm Suhailah gave us. It totally slipped my mind la! D: gah! Aaron and David got sent out also, so David was like "Aiyoh, 3 of us again. Sailors united la =.=''' " hahah whatever.

Then did my worksheet with Shirei since she didn't bring hers. She kept saying I was flexible cuz David noticed the way I sat to do my work was very.. like, uncomfortable to sit in cuz I was crossing my legs and my elbows touched the floor. Liddat also flexible meh! o.o

Had the gong han format test during Chinese. It was like, not a test la. Cuz some people kept asking liang lao shi whats the occupation of the guy, etc. LOL.

Finished cutting my acryllic for DnT! :D I think its super nice yet imperfect cos of all the jagged areas. D: oh well. Joey thinks its special cuz I drew and cut out a robot. :D I have some red acryllic left over in my pocket from Joey's project ;] shhhhh!

And today did morning duty with Serene! LATE! :D

At first we couldn't find the file. I went to the general office to get the file from the counter there, then the lady told me don't have, and said maybe someone took it. So went to ask Serene, she said don't have. I was like omgomgomg the file's missing?! and rushed around to look for it. At first I thought inside the SC room don't have cuz I only took a glance inside, then back to office and double check, about 3 times la! D:

End up I got so tired and sweaty, and Jiaen came to me with the files, saying its on the table (in the council room I think) and told me next time check properly. Ehhhh! LOL. Sian.

Super slack now lor late duty. Serene just passes the board over to the juniors to let them try out what its like to do the recording, so we just slack there the whole time. But I'll usually stand there and watch them do and help them if they dunno, then I'll go sit down and slack xD

And the junior who takes the upper sec file usually comes back or looks like she wants to die when we finish duty. xD LOL. For both times like that already hahah. Its the same for me la.

SEE WELLYANTO! Its hard doing upper sec for late okay. If we ever do duty again I'm gonna make sure you lose to me in scissors paper stone EVERYTIME. MUAHAHAHAHAHA.

Tomorrow going to watch the B div pepos get their award etc at the North Zone Colors award! :D I think Ryan also going. And Agnes. Not sure about sec1 boy tho. At least Agnes will pei me la :] Mrs Sidhu told me next year it'll be my turn. I was like o.o oh okay. LOL.

Must sail hard!


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