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Sunday, September 16, 2007


I have so much to talk about, just that I'm not really bothered to type so much cuz I'm really tired now. STILL. From what? YESTERDAY's wakeboarding session.

But omgomgomg! WAKEBOARDING ABSOLUTELY ROCKSXZHX okay! :D good thing majority of the sailing team chose wakeboarding instead of ice skating. Iceskating would've sucked I guess, even tho its something land-ish for once haha.

Watersports are still the best :D no wonder I'm in sailing. Hurhur!

BELLE was the godess, CHEETENG was the god. Like, two pro kias o.o hahah.

When I got 'promoted' to using the cable, or the long rope, I kept falling cuz when turning, THE GUY WILL SLOW DOWN BY A LOT. So I'll be like literally hanging there, and after turning he'll suddenly speed up A LOT. And I'll be like "*suddenly gets jerked forward* omg. Ahhhhh! *falls and drinks loads of seawater*" lol.

But I got used to it la, and managed to adjust myself to his slowing and speeding ups. LOL.
But I'm aching all over. Haha. Thank goodness I didn't let my 'not wanting to go' feeling take over me for the day. But when I came home I was so tired I just ate dinner and watched TV.

DANG YOU, BARNACLES! For cutting me whenever I climb up the plastic ladder. DAMN YOUUUU. I've got 5 freaking cuts thanks to you creepy barnacle-heads-os. Rargh! My foot and finger hurts la. ESPECIALLY my finger.

After exams me, Quin, Aaron and Cheeteng plan to go wakeboarding again. Anyone else wanna go? :D but I think must ask Mrs Sidhu help us plan and book and whatever the thingos since I've got no idea how to. Heh.

Maybe lesser people will wanna go this time, and we can all fit into one session. That'd be so fun la! :D hahahahahaha!

Today tuition was uhm, quite good. These few tuition sessions I've been paying attention, a lot. Hahah. My math seems to be improving, but heck, I still don't remember much basics. I'm gonna die. There's gonna be a test next week in tuition, NO CALCULATORS ALLOWED cuz Mr Phua wants to test us on basics. Like the BODMAS rule.

My shoulder blades there are really, seriously hurting me. All from yesterday. Can't even stretch without feeling the ouch. Haha.

Came home and was so tired I slept from around 2.30pm to 6.20pm. Woah. I'm such a pig can.

And tomorrow Belle wants me to go PCBunk with her, Drey, Quin and Cheeteng. AT 11.30AM. Omg thats crazy. Tomorrow's meant to be my slack day okay! D: rargh! Hahah. But I might not go cuz I wanna study. Haven't studied today and I'm feeling majorly guilty.

Tired. Tired. Just typing so little makes my hands hurt already omg.

And time for me to gloat in my 'lil bro's face about not having school tomorrow. Muahahaha. I'm thy evilness.

Bangbang; opps. You've just killed me.

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