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Saturday, September 08, 2007

un-Gwen-like typing ahead! hahah-

Uhh. At times like this I suddenly feel like typing in an un-Gwennish manner. Could I? Please?

So erm, don't mind while I suddenly do what I suddenly felt like doing. If I don't type here in the manner I feel like typing in, I'll type like that all over my smses. D: totally unsightly.

maybe I'll translate for you if all you pro-English peeps can't understand. LOL.

Nah, just joking, it won't be that bad ;]

HERE GOES. Don't regret that you're continuing reading this. Cos I won't sound like me =.=''

Anyways. For the last time, HERE GOES! Lol.

today went for CIP at Kallang again. nd uhh, today's session was damn boring lah.. cuz we did housekeeping.

me and Quinneh darling swept the floor. so damn dirty luhs! D:

aaron and ryan alrd finished up their cleaning of chairs and tables long ago lerh... then when i asked them to help they dowan to lah! D: hahah. wapiangs lorhs. hahaha. i was like, "friend lei!! D:" then they said "ya la, friend make us wipe chairs and tables lahs, so we finish liao can slack lor, FRIEND. :D"

i was like wth..

then they just watched us do our duty for like, another half an hour? we sweep floor until so long luhs... and they dont bother helping us. D: me and Quin quickly finished up the sweeping and chionged into to room and slacked. :D

NIC! how come my phone can't change the look of the menu to be like yours? D: mine's still the old menu look la. yours is change the theme then menu change to look so nice le.. D: I HATE MY PHONE. its the same as yours somemore can.

after we slacked for a long time le, nic came back. he said they on powerboat super slack luhs! hahah. then a longgggg time later linjie came back inside also. hurhurs.

the rest got their nyaa booklets signed. then when my attendance was ticked and all, uncle eugene told me i only been for 3 sessions, counting this one. i was like WHATTHEEEE? cannot be what! i know its more than that lor please.

i recounted, and ya, i've been for at least 4 sessions la. so i told uncle eugene, then he tell me to recall the date! i was like, ohkay, 2 times i came with aaron, 1 time with quin, 1 time with mscheng. CORRECT WHAT.

i cannot remember the date la.. then he said he just help me tick as the 14th of last month :D thankyous! :D

but that means i need one more session to finish my nyaa.. wapiang! i thought today was my last one la.. then end up need one last one?! wth. mrs sidhu will kill me D: howhow? ) :

supposed to hand in the nyaa booklet on MONDAY. this coming MONDAY. howhowhow???

ryan and aaron kept saying THAT. like, i show you some examples.

Me: eh, so where we going later?
Ryan: that place lor!
Me: what time we leaving?
Aaron: at that time lor.
Me: then we go bugis arcade ah? sian. now do what?
Ryan: do that thing lor. hahahhaha.

ugh. after we all can leave le, they decided to play carrom. so since only need 4 people and there were 5 of us (linjie left le. LOL i just realised its 'L'3!) i decided to watch. i was sleepy anyway.

when i wanted to sleep, RYAN GO TAKE THE CARROM PIECE AND THROW AT ME! D: ryannnnn lim tak yong! >:[

they played like two rounds, quite long luhs, and they were super noisy. play until all e pieces can be seen flying out luhs. hahahs. end up i couldn't sleep cuz of their noise lahs, so i didn't. just close eyes.

finally decided to leave. went to bugis arcade. super cold luh, i wearing shorts and my black OP shirt. should wear jeans there next time las.

played ONE round of Drummania 10th Mix. sian, i dont like the preface of 10th mix. but then Drummania V2 got people play lerh. and there's this little girl she play quite pro. how little? her feet couldn't touch the base peddle. hahahas! just like the long-haired girl i saw at AMKhub's arcade la.. can play quite well. got the AMKhub girl's pic. cute! :D

ryan and aaron went to play Dota lah... hmphs! so me and quin waited.. and waiteddddd :/ damn long luhs! D: stand till leg pain lerhs. finally 1 hour passed and we decided to go home. like 4+ le. hahas. end up aaron decided to eat lunch at KFC instead of da-bao-ing. so we waited for him.

on the way back they kept that-ing again la. D: siannnnn. like shaddup already lahs! HAHA.

Aaron: then we'll go off at that time, drop at that stop, go on that train, stand at that place, and drop off at that stop. right?

we kept saying stuff along that line la. (opps. i said "that line". haha but not on purpose! just realised) haha. keep that-ing ;] quite fun actually. hahaha.

then took train to Bishan cuz dad's picking me up there to go fetch my bro from Thomson CC.

i wore my sailing camp tee over my OP shirt lol cos my sailing camp tee was much more baggy. so i practically wore two shirts for the half of the day after my dad picked me up la haha.

i saw the badminton racket that my bro spoilt. not his fault la i guess. cos its like, according to my dad the shuttle must have hit the right spot and the whole thing broke. cos got a "qiakkk" sound.. uhh? LOL. hahaha.

then my bro and his badminton friend kept taking the racket and smashing it against the wall thingy at the carpark lol. then i saw it and tried it too :D so fun!!! haha. you rarely get to do this to a almost or near 100bucks+ badminton racket la! :D haha.

went to long house to eat. wah bloody warm there. i wearing two shirts can! haha.

then.. came home. yup.

OKAY. I've finally typed un-Gwenny-like for one post LOL. Don't worry I'll try not to do it again luhs. If I do I'll give you a warning before-hand :D haha.

I realised near the end I started to type properly. Just no capital letters. HAHAH.

I think I'll go retype the post later or something. For uhm, those everything-needs-to-be-in-PERFECT-ENGLISH kinda people. Haha.


Much loves.

I can't take my eyes off you, from the start, got my heart. Yeah you do, can't take my eyes off you.

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