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Friday, September 14, 2007

SIGHSIGHSIGH. screwed up screwed up!

Depressed depressed. ) :

While walking home I thought about a lot of things. Sigh. And I'm emotional-kid again.

And I've screwed up my English oral exam la D: Mr James Lee was my examiner! :D Like, the best teacher ever (who asked me to clear his coffee cup for him =.=''') was my examiner. Hah.

But he's like, I dunno. NEED TO CLEAR HIS EARS! Haha. Cos when I said "I'd rather use my pocket money to buy something I can actually use, like books and stationary." he gave me this weird look like, *frowns* then o.0 and asks me


I heard boobs. HAHA. I think he didn't wanna say boobs so he was like "booooo...(b)....s?" LOL. "booooooo...(b)s? Or books?" he asked me. I was like, "books! -_-"

So, my last year lit teacher hasn't changed a bit.

Day was boring. Ms Goh swapped first period Science for lit. So I was like, walk into the class, clueless. Then after Lit, during English, Ms Goh interrupted Mdm Suhailah's lesson (Mdm Suhailah was like "Aiya for today's oral exam you just need to do well for it, then for some of you terrible people who aim for a just pass-") by calling out my name. So I guess it went like "who aim for a just pass Gwendolyn" and Muhammed was like laughing. Zzzz.

And FINALLY I got back my lit common test exam paper.

And no,
Ms Goh told me that

omgwthwtf. I am so bloody upset la.

She said she'd write VR (Valid Reason) and ask the other teachers what the reason would be cuz she practically said out some answers during lit earlier. When she did that I went "WAPIANG DON'T!" and covered my ears till Yuxuan told me she not talking le. But of course I still heard it.

But yeah, I'm not taking the class test anymore. D: by putting VR they'd adjust my marks so that that lit class test marks won't be a part of my EOY marks. AYE, there goes my marks.

Later I'm going for my Math tuition ): sigh. Boring la. And till 9 also. SIGHSIGHSIGH.

Today was meant to be my slack day but noooo!, Mr Phua just had to make our Math TUITION remedials on Fridays. Sighsighsigh.

Today is another bad day.

And yes, life is screwed up. VERY screwed up.

I wanna cry again la. Haven't done that in 2 days already.

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