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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Yay! The dance test is overrr. But we couldn't pass as a class cuz of Weesin, and now he's damn sad! OMGGG don't be sad la! You tried your best D:

And now we're in Beginner 2 Extended. Extended by how long? Next (or next next) lesson we're doing our test. =.= wapiang I thought extend will be like 1month or something.

Warm up was like.. OMG CHEEM PLEASE. Its like some flexible thingy. Like we gotta squat and straighten our right leg, then left leg bend. Then we bend down till our chest touch our left leg, then the foot gotta turn so that it faces outwards, then our chest gotta touch the floor.

Sounds easy? YOU GO TRY LA.

Thats not all. A lot of new warmups were added in for the Intermediate warmup. "You guys are advancing to Intermediate la. Must be more flexibleee! :D" GO BANG WALL LA MAQRIUS. HAHAHA. Joking xD

Yayyyy among everyone, Maqrius said I was the one "Sure clear" :D so happy! I practiced so much and its paid off. Hahah. But I got nervous cuz Andre laaa. Come in and watch cuz Maqrius invited him in! Kept shooing him but he DOWAN. D: wthhh!

Pam didn't record my first try, and I feel that was the best la! D:

My presentation. Ehhh. I didn't do all the way till the end of the choreo. But I doubt Maqrius realised that cuz all of us did this song I think, and all didn't do till the end cuz we forgot the moves. HAHAH. Ending is like 3 chest pops then dunno what and ending pose. Heh. x] and my entrance SUCKEDDDDDZSXZSX cuz I kept coming in too late.

Waiting for youtube to upload CY's presentation. Hmmmmm. HURRY UP LEHHH! T_T

I DON'T LIKE THE GRILLZ FUNK CHOREOOOOOO LAAA! D: not nice not nice SO NOT NICE! Maqrius changed the starting part a teenyweenybit. And I gotta relearn that, and the new one is not nice leh! I like the old one muchmuchmuchhhhh better can. >:( eeyer.

Wah. Tireddd! D: hahah. And super sticky.

And oh!! I bought another shirt for CNY from 77th Street yayyyyy! ;D its damn nice. To me la. But I wanna get a scarf to go with it leh. Just dunno which design/color.. *bang wall ah*

Saw another shirt. A bit small D: checkered red and loads of colorrrrs! ;D nice can. :( so small for what la. I'M TOO TALL TRALALALALAAAAS.

Got beep test tomorrow OMFG. *bang wall*
I'm so gonna die can. With my shin bone pain somemore.. and I've not went to see a doctor leh! D: oh well. Sighsighsighhhh x2!

Tuesday no training D: awwww! Then its CNY yayyy! Idk if I should go Mrs Sidhu's place. Oh well, only Justin asked me.. sooooooo. I feel unwanted. If they don't wanna ask me, not my problem either la. :]

I'm beginning to feel weird around the sailors now. As in, upper sec. And only a few of them. Idk why. Oh well. I've got my sec1 juniors & sec2 juniors! ;D like Daomin, Aaron Jeremiah, Joshua (not Kwok).. then Bryan, Edward, Justin Ong, Belle and Drey! :D (hopefully..)

Someone's ignoring me againnnn. Huhhuhhuhhh piggy! :( oh well. You want to then go ahead, I got nothing to say. All over that you're ignoring me? So not worth it right. I tried to, but you don't want to. Not even helping me. Its okay.

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