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Sunday, February 17, 2008




My place. :D parkour-pros wannabes! :D very own musican-on-a-tricycle.

:D my V-day cards. Uh I know its blur. Quin and Iggy on the swings. And Quin's holding her two satay sticks! Haha.
Guitar freakkks. ;]

Hello sec3 sailors! You guys have no idea how much I love you guys. HAHAHA. :D

g. ♥ チャッチャッ, watching.. watching.. gone. says:
g. ♥ チャッチャッ, watching.. watching.. gone. says:
g. ♥ チャッチャッ, watching.. watching.. gone. says:
tomorrow after sailing pt wanna go macs and study?
g. ♥ チャッチャッ, watching.. watching.. gone. says:
:\ omg
g. ♥ チャッチャッ, watching.. watching.. gone. says:
can't believe i just said that.

Had this conversation with Quin on MSN. And I was like "o__o I think I just asked her to go study with me even tho we're gonna do hours of studying during sailing PT...."

Anyways. Having crab for dinner! :D mom ta-baoed from the dinner at the restaurant with my distant aunt who's so rich she gave me and my bro 50bucks each for angbao and she carries a bunch of 1000singdollars notes in her wallet o__o

Omg holy. I've never even TOUCHED a 1000dollar sing note k.

K hungry already.

And oh! RUN'S HOUSE is a MUSTMUSTMUST! watch show on MTV. Not sure when they're showing but I watched the 5hr marathon today. Super nice. Its a reality show on Reverand Run's (Joey Simmons, he's a singer/rapper) dramatic life with his family. Damn funny cuz its really damn drama.

And his house is so freaking big omg. Has a very own recording studio, basketball court (its like a street bball court), swimming pool..

I bet my Hongkong rich aunt has a house that big too.

I wanna be rich! D:

And oh,

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