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Thursday, February 07, 2008



And its 1.18AM. Hmm. Going to sleep soon ahhhh. After listening to 'Tattoo' & 'Victims of Love' I will. ;] and oh maybe 'Bleed It Out'. <3

Mom was watching the CNY thingy that tells you the animals and all, the Mediacorp chn8 show thing. And she suddenly came into my room and told me "Your lucky color is.. orange, purple and red. And oh, they say "You will have to work harder even tho the rewards aren't as much."" or something like that. I was like, orange.. oraaaaange- GOOD! Redddd.. yeahhhh!


So wrong. I've never really fancied purple. And oh, its I.G.C.! ;]

"To the world you may be one person. But to one person you may mean the world." seems familiar? :D suddenly came to me.

I'm gonna go to school on Monday with my hair tied higher up. Hahah. Its long enough, tho. Again, NO CLIPS! Hahahaha. This is for those who, erm, need loads and loads of clips just for their hair to stay. ;]

Feeling rather upset today. And no Tzuling and Iggy, its not about that interview thing la. Hahah. Seperate matters. :]

Yeahhhh. Tzuling and Iggy are hiding something from me, Iggy says if I hear I will cry again. o__o its about the interview thing la. So yeah. Well, not gonna pester them since Tzuling says she will tell me the next time she sees me? Again its something related to the sailing team.

And I might have this slight idea who's the one. Oh well. I think my life in sailing's just as screwed as anything. Suddenly don't feel like sailing anymore. Hahah.

And its like, who cares?

And what, you think its just a couple of words? And by these words you think my mind can be changed so easily? What do you think I am- I'm no supergirl or anything. I've got so many problems already, why are you another?

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