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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

3Endeavour I LOVE YOU!

Hitting 700th post in 9 posts after this one! :D HIPHIP HURRAYYYYYYYE.
(omg zi high)

(omg zi high again)

But yeah. Super happy. But 4G got first and Lester's like "BUT 4GALLENT GOT FIRST!" (replying to my MSN PM). Hahah. Whatever Lesbian Lester! ;D you 4th floor doesn't mean high class lor please. xD

I was like, screaming and screaming la in the hall. When the photos of our class came up. :D then when we got 2nd I screamed even more. Eleanore was like LOLing infront of me cuz I was damn loud. HAHAHA!

Then when we got dismissed (a WAYYYYY long time after the sec4s), Gengtao told me she could hear me screaming from where she was sitting. Not sure how far that was. But oh well, shows I'm loud! MADE FOR CAMPS OKAY. ;]

So happy. Wheeeee. I'm going mad.

Kerrie came back after the CNY thing was over, and she was so happy! Yay! :D deco-peeps for CNY rock!

Went for Icekimo at Thomson with Jiaqi, Sera, Nicolette, Amanda, Qihua(hua) and MR LIM. But Icekimo was closed D: so we walked to Thomson Plaza instead. Hahah. Then Mr Lim and Qihua lazy so they take bus. It was like, only one stop down? =.=

Then when we got there Mr Lim and Qihua were sitting on the bench thing, and Mr Lim was like "FINALLY!" grrrrrr. You try walking la! Hmph.

Went to eat SUBWAY! And Mr Lim said there wasn't a Subway in Thomson Plaza. Me and Jiaqi knew better so we bet with him. And now he OWES JIAQI A CHOCOLATE BAR. (don't forget k Mr Lim.)

Amanda has girl power..! uh-huh. Girl power! Uh-huhhhh. ;D hahahaha.

After that went to walk around and Mr Lim went to toilet to wash the Ice Lemon Tea + Coke + ??? off his hair. Saw Zhien they all at KFC. Guijun, Xiaomei, Atiqah, Meiyi, Priscilla were going home, and they told us that Mr Prem and OM Han at Pizza Hut. Omg I want! x]

Left with Nicolette and Amanda. Took 132 till I reach school bus stop and changed to 262! Was too lazy to walk. Hur. Then when I got off the bus, it couldn't leave the bus stop.

Cuz the petrol station was quite near the bus stop, and there were like more than 7 cars queueing along the road to go pump petrol! Hahah. Blocking the exit for the bus. Then the bus driver had to gostan. xD first time I ever seen so many cars gonna pump petrol. No wonder my neighbour told my dad either yesterday night or today he had to go pump petrol le. HAHAH.

Boooo. Carry on ignoring me, carry on, carry on. I've got no choice but to watch on. Yayness. (sarcasm intended, btw.) Cuz you've got no idea how I feel. Yup.

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