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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Adidass <3

Yayyyy. Back from shopping. And now I wanna sleep. LOL.

Topshop didn't have my size for the orange one D: I just needed like half/one size bigger? Bummerrr. :( so end up after fetching Gerald from Thomson CC we went to Queensway.

All the shops I usually go to don't have the orange one! I was like damn upset. :( ended up buying the red one. And the size I most probably needed at Topshop was like, maybe 7-7 1/2? Whats the size of the shoe I bought at Queensway?

9 1/2.

=.= like a great diff in the cutting can. And both womens cutting bah. Oh well! My other Adidas sneakers were like 9 but guy's cutting. Hehhh. Big feet! :D

My dad complained that my mom's indulging me man.
  1. 150bucks Levis jeans that my mom only paid 2obucks for cuz of the Isetan voucher (ei don't blame me, my mom literally dragged me to buy it)
  2. 85bucks Adidas Stan Smith 2 W
  3. 22bucks Punk Star top
  4. 13bucks skinny belt (not much la)
And I'm still not done! Need 2 more tees. :D getting them tomorrow after dance bah.. oh well. Gotta chiong ah. :] then I forgot to go back to this shop in Heeren to get the robot plastic-ky necklace! Walaooo. :( really liked it. So I think I'm getting it tomorrow. :D

So I'll need to get:
  • Robot necklace
  • 2 tees
  • maybe Everlast pumps
By tomorrow/Monday! Yeaaaah. Thats quite a lot. I hate shopping! LOL.

I love my Adidas sneakers they're so chio lalala. But I'm still debating with myself whether I regret getting the red one instead of the blueish turquoise one cuz that one was also quite chio. Eeyer. Got it already. Shouldn't regret! Hahah.

My dad almost zhong 4D sio! Wapiangggg la. He was all "If I had gotten it, I would have bought you another pair of Adidas sneakers leh. But sadddd. I didn't. Hahah!" over dinner at Macs. D: WAAAAH EVIL SEI. He missed by like, 1 number? He got his office's store number or something. So whateverrr.

And oh! Dance test (for my lvl its more of presentation) tomorrow. NERVOUS K. I'm not prepared ahhhh. Can't do badly or later Maqrius pekchek. LOL.

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