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Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Listening to Hate That I Love You. :] again sent from Kenkiong :D

Realised its pretty nice.. oh well...


I'm a confirm fail for this one, cuz I minused about 20+ marks? And the paper's upon 40. GOOD GOING GWEN. A lot of people didn't touch the graph cuz there wasn't enough time. D: wapiang. Cried after my Math paper LOL.

English compo wasn't too bad :D wanted to write on the character on drugs but there wasn't enough time so I just wrote that she got reaaaally drunk and hurt her best friend a lot =.= hello? Like 30mins man.

Sailing today was pretty good. But I hated the fact that my skills went down by a lot from the fact that I missed so many trainings/water time. My downwind sucks, but it sucks even more now wth.

Capsized like 7times (or more) today in strong wind man. NOT GOOD K.

I NEVER capsize during strong wind except for when I'm on a run (or downwind la). K capped about 3 times on downwind, 1time when launching (was helping Peckkhee hold her boat) and 3times when sailing normally. SUCKED MAN.

And btw, bus to the sailing center was a FREE SAUNA!

You know when we did the IPP thing in class 2yrs back? When they announced that it was over every class slammed open their doors (which you could hear the "BAM! BAM! BAM!" sound) and everyone chionged out of their classrooms screaming the air outside felt like aircon and when the sec1s looked up they saw the sec2s, 3s and 4s waving frantically and felt as if we were all suddenly friends? x]

It felt like that. When we reached NSC we chionged out of the bus and went "OMG AIRCON!!" xD

Cuz the inside of the bus was so warm that the uppersec guys behind were taking off and unbuttoning their shirts (e.g. JACK [omg his was the worst. couldn't look infront cuz he was the only one who took off his whole shirt]). Me and Bryan took off our ties cuz we were sweating like hell. My legs collected sweat can!! It was all wet la. When we got off Mrs Sidhu was like, arm-chioing at the fact we were like lunatics ranting on about how the outside world felt like our world of aircon =.=

There were wasps at NSC! x] omg like ONE WHOLE BIG FKING SWARM MAN. Damn freaky. Apparently they built a new home at this bung of a Laser boat. So I was like "omggg." cuz there was suddenly this HUGE cloud of insects around the area we were rigging up at, didn't realise till Lianghong/Weiming went "Omg what's that?? :points to sky above me:"

"OMG WHAT THE HELL?! BEES?! OHHHH FREAK!!! :runs behind Lianghong:" then they changed swarming location and flew right INFRONT of the juniors while they were taking down their Picos from their pico shack! o__o they saw and the girls started screaming and suddenly the area was cleared from juniors =.=

Was held inside the Auditorium while they did fogging outside. Hur.. damn sian. Wenfeng stepped on Aaron's toe and Aaron's toe bled like shizz! o__o omg can. A lot of blood. The tissue side which he used to press it down with was BLOODAYYYE! D: but he still sailed. STUPIDDD.

Was so tempted to talk to * today. Could have when I passed him the clipboard to write our names, sail and boat numbers but I just smacked his shoulder and pushed the clipboard to him and carried on rigging. Oh fool, how much longer do I wanna hold up my pride man? K I think I suck. :\ seriously. Kinda miss talking to you already guy bestie. Shit, why did I start all this ignoring shit? GWEN WTEFF is wrong with you girl??!

I don't get why I keep wanting to di siao/guai lan him either. I just suddenly changed my attitude towards him instead of what I used to be. No wonder we're always arguing now. :( I should really know how to control what I wanna say man. I guess I'm more direct now than before.

Looking forward to literature and bio_chem combined papers tomorrow.

WISH ME LUCK MANZXZH! I'll be needing it, a hell load.


And oh! Did I mention?

MR TANG CAME TO WATCH US SAIL TODAY! Cuz Mr Nara sent an email to all teachers inviting them to come down and sail (more like watch us sail man). And Mr Tang took up the offer!

In school he was wearing this sleeveless shirt and brown khaki pants instead of his dressy long sleeved shirt and black pants. So I was all o__o "kay why is he dressed like Mr Fong ah.." then he told me he's coming with us so I was all OMG! :D

He's setting the lit paper but he's got no idea whether there's any part of the lit text in it. So when I asked him and he gave me that reply and asked me to check with Ms Yeo I was all "MR TANG!! You set the paper and you dunno? HOW CANNNN." D:

She looked out the window and she saw a million stars, shine upon the house she sits in.

Searching thru her memory and she saw a little girl, cryin' alone in the dark.

She looked out the window and she saw a naked man, dying in the sunset.

If I could wish upon a million stars, I'd wish that we'd go back to what we were before all this started, and that you'd stay by my side and never leave me. IMY.

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