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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sleepy, tired, Suicidal Girl. (joking)

Emo-ing today. Tho I didn't show it in school (see, I said in school I am NEVER upset).

Failed Math. Last in class. 7/40. Nicely done Gwen, you suck!

Even combined with 3D, I'm bottom 4, and Iggy's bottom 2. D:

For Geog, I was stupid enough to plot/read the Triangular graph thingy wrongly, until I mixed up the percentage for tertiary, secondary and primary industry. FUR-REAK la. My whole of question 1a, b and c is wrong le.

And failed Chinese, duh. 17.5/40! Wapiang ehhhh. And there's Chinese oral on 29th of Feb I think. SUCKSSS.

Ugh.. I'm so tired of life man.

"Stop scotchstaping/nailing/hack-ing yourself Gwen!" only 2-3 people understand that line ^^ Belle, Aaron and maybe Quin. :D LOL I'm sorry I'll try not to my dears! (o_o for Aaron)

Training today wore me out. And my arm musles, all tired already. :( and I'm feeling unwell again. Oh well, what's the surprise? I'm ALWAYS unwell.

Took Melody's bag today before leaving for sailing and she let me keep my jacket with her! :D THANKYOU COUSINCOUSINNN! ;] we both failed Math but I failed REALLY TERRIBLY. So there's a diff.

Anyone nice enough to volunteer to teach this idiot Emath? :D
I'm sorry but I'm just a huge failure in anything sec3-ish yup.

I can never make things right, didn't take me too long to realise that.

And oh, sailing wasn't ALL that bad. :D cuz when we raced to go back to shore, I got 3rd! :D behind Wenfeng and Cheeteng. ^^ super happy for myself.

But that's cuz it was all just upwind and shizz. If there was downwind involved, I would die then and get last again like the 2 races before. HAHAH. Weiming was all "Wah Gwen! See you ah, during normal races you're always last few. Then go back to shore WAH! 3rd sia!! GWEN STOP SLACKING!" super hilarious man. Kept laughing cuz he was telling me the same thing back to shore.

Hello? I didn't expect to see myself winning you when going back to shore either k. Hahah. It just came to me, naturally. :] maybe all hope isn't lost for my strongwind handling man!

DAD'S AGREED TO GIVE ME 40BUCKS TO GET A NEW PAIR OF BOOTIES! HAHAH. :D was super happy he just agreed like that, cuz he knows I've been using my booties since sec1. ^^

Sadly, its for badminton. Ahh heck. You're still my bro, and jie will always support you dude! (till you get super childish again and when I start diao-ing you you know something's wrong.)

But he's still 4years younger than me. So brothers with sisters older than you by like 4-5 years, bewarned man. We're secretly (or openly, for me) thinking you dudes are childish. Hoho ;]

K super sleepy. Gonna eat apples, and sleeeeep. 10.47am only.

Ugh, and I'm feeling super headache and all.
Wondering if I'll still go to school tomorrow.

Even if I don't go to school, I betcha you won't notice that I'm not there. Hurhurhurrr.

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