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Friday, February 22, 2008

Race or not?

Longest chain for uppsersec (my beloved 3Endeavour) and believe it or not, my hair in pleats (tho you can't see it nananepoopoo)! x]

And no, don't even think about seeing me in my specs. Cuz I HAVEN'T EVEN GOTTEN IT. ;D the shop was closed earlier or something today I guess, so I couldn't go and have my specs made with Celine. :( oh well, better that way! :D

Zzz dunno if I should go for the race tomorrow. Super headache now. Must be the side effects from the slight fever this morning. D:

The worst (and most guai lan) thing I could do is to go there, sailing gear and all packed, and tell Mrs Sidhu that I might not sail when I get there. Hahahaha bullshit! But I'm afraid sia, cuz of my stomach. D:

Peckkhee was asking me that since I was so sick I still wanted to sail? And I was like uh.. hmm...

If if iffffff! I'm still not feeling well tomorrow, I'll go and see the docs. Aites? :D I promise! (to the many people like Yokeching (loverrr), Ker and Jiaqi who asked me to see a doctor)

K really giddy now. I think I'll go sleep. Ttfn tata for now huhuhu!

Cuz when you're with me you're my whole world-
(Entourage by Omarion)

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