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Sunday, February 24, 2008

NSC Cup Series!

Cool bus with blue-ish lights under the seats! :D HOLY FLOWER LIGHTS!
omg Quin touched it & turned it on...
... holy mama.

HAHAHA. K I think my captions for the last 2 pics are uber lame.

Anyways. I think I did REAL badly for the 2 races yesterday. D: cuz I was unwell, then I had gastrics halfway thru the race. Hmm.

Stupid SIN347, YOU'RE GOING DOWNNNN! :angryface:

Super pissed off with her. BANG MY BOAT FOR WHAT AH BANG AH BANG LA! BANG SOMEMORE LOR. Assssshole. STILL BANG MY BOAT UNTIL THE BOW OF YOUR BOAT GO ON TOP OF MY RUDDER WHILE I WAS ROUNDING THE BUOY.. end up I can't tack cuz of that (my boat couldn't move cuz my rudder was literally in her "control").


Today I'm so determined to trash herrr. Tho my skills dropped drastically.

So drastically I got bottom 3 for the last race. Overall ranking 81/98, counting those who didn't come la. D: (k nvm I won't trash her but my friends shall ^^ gogo MFSS sailors!)

But I'm feeling worse today. So yeah. Not sure if I'm even gonna sail today. Freaking cold, coughing again (flammmm), giddy spell still there.. sigh. Idk what the hell is wrong with me that I must fall sick during a regatta man.

But I must at least sail ONE race today cuz according to the S.I. (Sailing Instructions), we need at least 3 races MIN to FORM a series. So if I don't sail today, the 3 races I'm left with today fly, I don't form a series, don't need go back for Apr and June/whatever liao. :\

And oh! There's only 5races MAX in each series you know you know!! :D
And there is 3 series (I just found out this damn race is a thing over like, a few months). One in Feb (now), April and June or August or something I think. And there's a max of 15races for the total 3. :D shiooook!

Just damn pekchek cuz I'm not feeling well I'm not able to sail well. Freaaaak.

I just hope today I don't sail as badly cuz of my sickness. GRRRRRs. Must. Stay. Focused!

P/S the Samsung i450 IS LIKE SO CHIO! Sadly, only 2MP camera.. =.= cheyyy.

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